Rain falling. Night. Just visible, the sea.
That was some walk. Very, very early morning, serious rain. Afterwards, inside, dried out, I decided that I had enjoyed it. Then went back to bed. My picture.

Not denying it but drowning

In the narrative of collapse, what happens next?

Already, whole towns have been engulfed by fire and flood.

Already, five million people have died in the pandemic.

But we need something else, don’t we?

Something to convince us that it’s happening here.

Not just over there where the news happens.

Perhaps if the supermarkets ran out of fire extinguishers?

Okay, no. But what if they ran out of ice creams?

Soft drinks? Cola? Barbecue charcoal and beer?

Then we’d know we were in trouble.




We’re living through these interesting times. All around us are clues to what comes next, some true, some false. Without hindsight or reliable fortune-telling, it’s very difficult to tell the difference. But shall we try?

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William Essex

William Essex

Writer, editor, publisher, Creative Director (seriously) at Climbing Tree Books (dot net). All views are my own. Mostly.

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