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Different ways to know a company for a job

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In this hard time, finding a job is so much difficult as much as finding a good company where you like to apply for your job. Always keep in your mind that finding a job and finding a good company is quite different. The reason is that at this time, you will find the two types of company which you are going to face the reality through your job application. One company who genuinely understands your pain and stress about being an unemployed and another company which will exploit your adversity in this time. Here I am going to tell you about the company which is likely to take advantages of you due to your unemployment status. Still hoping for the best. Let’s get into the topic now.


When you are going to apply for a job in a company, you generally never give importance to its location. But now, it is very much important criterion in this situation. If you judge the location of company minutely, then you will find some hidden clue about the company’s credibility as well. First, you have to measure the company location from your present location where you reside or the distance state of your country. Now you have to look for the nearest local police station in the company’s location on the Google Map. If you find that the company which you are applying for a job is situated beyond 3 KM radius of the local police station, then you should think that the company is like to stay away from the policing patrolling due to other reasons.

On the Google Map, with a compass draw an imaginary circle on the map and try to locate your prospective company where you are applying for a job. If you find that your prospective company within the radius of the local police station, then at least you can assure that this company could have a clear view on maintaining the law and orders of the country. Generally, the suspicious company always stay away from the local police patrolling and choose a location outside the policing surveillance as well. So you have to keep it in your mind when you are going to apply for a job in a company. This kind of locational surveillance has saved me from the evil mind and activities as well. You can apply this approach for your business or anything which require verification, you will get some kind of safety as well. You maybe believe in this approach or not but I have benefited so many times by applying it at least.

Another point you have to know that if your interview location is assigned you in a remote or dingy place, then you should keep in your mind that the company is somehow hiding something which is not readily visible to your eyes now. Therefore, read the company carefully before you get in. Again, you have to keep your eyes open when you are going to locate your prospective company’s office where your interview will be taken. If you find that your walking distance from the company’s office location to the nearest bus stop where you got down is within maximum 5 minutes radius, then it assures you that the company is financially is good and also its facial look is found in its radiance. You should know that every company has a distinct smell which you can get from the distance. Some company emits a fishy smell which indicates poison arrow towards you. Again some company emits a rose smell which indicates sweet delicacy towards you. You indeed have to feel it through your intuition. Otherwise, you will never understand the company’s entity from the beginning as well.

Phone Etiquette

When you are going to get a phone call for an HR person of a company where you have applied for a job, then you should keep your mind alert throughout the conversation. The reason is that it will a beginning for you to know the company before you get in the interview session as well. During your telephonic conversation, if you find that the HR stammering or coughing (more than 5 times repetition) when he or she is answering your query, then you should be careful about it. Another way, if your conversation is interrupting frequently, then you should know that it is not a good way or time to go proceed farther as well. If you find the background noise during the telephonic conversation, then you should know that the HR is casually are talking with you and not serious about it. So you should stop it or request the HR to talk with you in a peaceful area. Still, if the HR does not accept your request, then you should immediately stop the conversation as it indicates that the door which you are knocking is not for you.


When you are first time entering into the company’s office for your interview, you should keep your eyes and ears open for determining the reality check of the interior atmosphere of the company. Some unique feeling will appear in your mind when you start to go proceed towards the interview room where the company HR will take your interview. If you find that your interview room is situated by crossing more then 5 employee’s working partitions, then you will be sure that the company does not have any inhibition to disclose its environment to the outsiders and the company does not have any toxic nature. It is a good sign for creating confidence in the mind of the interviewee as well. Always keep in your mind that when selecting your company where you will start to work should take the glimpse of the working environment as it is important to shine through when you get in it.

Interior Look

Sometimes the interior look a company’s office could say something which never realizes it consciously. But if you wake up through your interview proceeding, then you will see the real difference as well. If you see the furniture in the office is highly decorated with real wood or costly materials, then you will feel that the company has a greater eye of perfection and aesthetics but your interview will be more detail-oriented. The reason is that the company will test every section of the employee’s character. Be ready for it. More use of the curtains in the partitions of the working place which indicates that the company always maintain privacy. Even if you find that the partitions in the office space are made of glasses, then they are open to all. Another point you have to check the clock in the office which indicates how much the company is punctual in its works. If you see that the office clock is running more than 10 minutes ahead of your watch reading, then you should know that the company is giving keen attention to its deadline mechanism. If the company’s clock is running 10 minutes late from your watch reading, then you should know that the company have some problem with time management.

Human Resource

HR of the company should have a charming personality so that the interviewee could feel relaxed and composed during the interview session. If the company does not have a good HR, then it will lose in a big way on the processing of employee recruitment as well. A good tone and voice of HR always attract the job seeker’s mind. Because it will create unique sound communication between the job hunter and the company as well. Practically, HR is the first impression of a company. Moreover, as a job hunter, you should always keep your eyes open for HR’s interaction throughout the interview process. When you are talking with HR, you should be careful about how much he or she is giving attention to your interaction. If you find that HR is less attentive to you, then you should think that the company is less interested in you. So your job is gone.

Job Ad

You should keep attention on the job ad which you are looking for applying it. It is observed that sometimes the job ad of a company has some secret information which you have to find it as well. If you find the job ad is exclusively longer than the average one, then you should think that the company likes to tell you all details about the job and it is hardheaded in this matter as well. Therefore, your resume should be made in this way the company is looking for. Even if the job ad is shorter than the average job ad length, then you should think that the company just need an employee and its tenure is temporary also. Always keep in your mind that longer job ad is good and transparent whereas the shorter job ad is a bad and fuzzy one.


If you find the company is asking more documents from a job seeker which is not required, then you should think that the company has less confidence in its entity as well as doubtful in dealing with its employees as well. Suppose you are applying for a marketing job, then the company will need just a resume, a previous experience proof, current salary information and a main qualified certificate on your skill. If it asks more than your primordial education proof, you just ignore it as it will create the problem for you later as well. Fewer documents are always good for the company and the job seeker.

Interview Duration

Generally, the maximum interview duration is 45 minutes. But most of the cases the interview is ended within 15 minutes. But it is observed that if the interviewer of a company is completed less than 10 minutes time frame, then he or she is not very much interested about yourself and your chance of getting a job is little also. If the company eager to hear from you more, then go ahead and share your experience with them. It will give you more advantages as well.

Internet Review

Never ignore the internet review of the company you are applying for. The reason is that it will give you a better picture of the company’s internal performance and its credibility. When you are going to check a company’s review on the internet, then you should only check the last 6 months performance. Even, you should check on the first 10 reviews which comes on the front of your eyes during review checking. You will get the overall picture of the company also. If you see that the company’s rating gets less than 2 for more than 5 times, then you should be careful about it.


Even, if you find that the company is put some preconditions before you for getting a job, then you should immediately reject it. The reason is that if you accept the company’s preconditions, then your working life in the company will be in a detrimental condition and also you will face a huge problem in the future as well. In this situation, you should always reject the company offer and wait for a better chance. Just keep it in your mind that patience is the killer instinct for every job seeker.


You should keep in your mind that if a company has less than 100 employees, then the company’s expectation from the job applicant is higher. Whereas if a company has more than 100 employees, then this company’s expectation will be less from the job applicant. The reason is that more employees will generate more variation in skill whereas fewer employees attract lesser variation in skill.

Therefore, I have shared my experience over time with you in this article and get some important information for your job hunting. Never give up in your job hunting and keep patience and you will get a job at this time without any problem.

Wishing you a happy journey to job searching!



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