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LiFi technology for high-speed communication

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

As you are talking with your boss at your home office, suddenly your connection is becoming weaker, but you have no choice but to continue the discussion with your boss with no further interruption. You are using Wi-Fi technology for the internet connection through a router, which is installed in a nearby room in your home. You are getting the Wi-Fi signal through a partition wall, which makes the signal weaker as well. If you are using a 2.4 GHz band for Wi-Fi connection in your home, which has a maximum range of wireless transmission of up to 150 feet, then you will not get the maximum throttle when you are getting a Wi-Fi connection from a distance.

But in your case, an uninterrupted connection is a priority as well. Even though you are facing this weaker internet connection problem at your home frequently and you don’t have any immediate solution to this problem, it is appearing in your mind. But if you go on the internet, you will find a new technology called LiFi-based internet connection. It is new to our knowledge, but it has a huge potential to mitigate your problem.

If you are keen on knowing about LiFi technology, then you should know that it is a bidirectional (high-speed transmission in both uplink and downlink simultaneously) wireless system which transmits data through light waves in the electromagnetic spectrum as well. In short, LiFi means Light Fidelity. It transmits data through LED or infrared light.

Since its inception in 2011, LiFi technology has been attracting the attention of the internet fraternity. In most cases, it is a new technology that will give you high-speed data transmission with top security. The main reason for its acceptance is that it works in a small space and has a limited transmission barrier, so you are safe from hackers who could not penetrate your computer from a distance, and it could not penetrate a wall.

The LiFi technology has a limited transmission range, which is only 10 meters. But it has a maximum speed of data transmission of 224 GB per second, so you can download 18 movies in the blink of an eye. The unique feature of LiFi technology is that it is 10 times cheaper than Wi-Fi technology because the LiFi technology is built with an LED light bulb and a receptor as well. Because you are now using Wi-Fi technology, which emits negligible radiofrequency radiation and is not present in LiFi technology, the reason is that the LiFi technology is based on light waves, which have no radiation effect. One interesting point about the LiFi system is that if someone liked to intercept your online activity, then he or she could not do it. Because he or she should occupy a room where you are present as well. Therefore, there will be no hacking or intercepting.

If you’re wondering how LiFi technology will affect our lives, keep in mind that there are many applications for it, including security, augmented reality, underwater communication, intelligent transportation systems, indoor navigation, and others. Right now, the LiFi technology is being used in airlines, undersea communication, and the operating theatres of hospitals as well. In the latter part of 2022, LiFi technology will spread its wings steadily as 5G mobile technology is starting soon as well.

If you think that the LiFi technology is a disruptive innovation, then you could expect to unlock the potential of IoT and Industry 4.0 applications and also generate revenue for the light industry as LAAS (light-as-a-service). The components of LiFi technology are crucial because some criteria should be fulfilled like a high-bright white LED is needed for a transmission source and a silicon photodiode is needed for a receiving element as well.

Therefore, you can expect that LiFi technology will make your life more comfortable and liveable in such a way that your online journey will be secure and prosperous as well.



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