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The best ways to recognize an idiot

Photo by Giorgio Grani on Unsplash

In our life, we always face some kinds of idiots who make our life more interesting as well miserable also. Nevertheless, one thing is sure that it brings a new experience that we can learn from it. The reason is that you have to face the idiots throughout your life and you have to play jingle with them for your survival as well. Actually, what happens is that we are very much prone to do idiotic work in our life. Even, when we do it without our conscious, then we rarely learn from this kind of mistake. However, one thing is sure that we have to do idiotic work in our life at least once in our lifetime as well. It is an amazing feeling when we recollect our own idiotic deed in the pastime, then we smile inwardly without noticing anybody about it. It is a great experience when we will meet an idiot in our lifetime. Nevertheless, you should know that idiot teaches us in such a way that no general teaching will be available to us anymore as well.


The look of idiot generally lies on its body languages. The reason is that idiot always expresses its idiotic approach through his or her body languages. Even, if you know the real interpretation of the body language, then you will find it without any fuss. Moreover, the body form of an idiot is quite different from the general people. The reason is that their idiotic look primarily concentrates on their head and legs. The reason is that when an idiot delivers his or her movement and exposures, then their head and legs synchronize each other deeply. So they develop a unique body language which is easily recognizable to the society. However, you have to intelligent for reading its meaning as well.

Eye Movement

Generally, an idiot moves his or her eyes awkwardly in such a way the conventional people will never do it. Moreover, you will never read it quickly. Rather, you have to read it in a different way. Actually, what happens is that eye movement is very much important for the detection of an idiot. The reason is that our eyes are an outward mirror, which oozes our personality trait through it. So that the eye reading is very much handy for detecting the idiot. Practically, stand still timing of the eyes on a particular direction will be longer than the average people. The reason is that they will need a longer time to read the situation through their different mind setup as well. Actually, their mind is always preoccupied with the confusion, so that they take a longer time to read the situation as well.

Speaking Pattern

The lip sequence of the idiot is quite amazing. It is quite different from the average people. Practically, they use their lips in a peculiar manner. The reason is that sometimes they speak slowly and again they speak faster. When they speak slowly, then you have to understand that they like to read your thought and like to read to you as well. Again, when they speak faster, then you should know that they like to hide something, and they do not like to give you an advantage as well.

Dress Code

You should know that all idiots have a unique dress code, which is quite different from the average person. The reason is that they develop their dress code in such a way, which can attract people’s attention. Nevertheless, they do not know their own dress code shows their inner identity as well. They always follow the negative pairing mechanism, which will make them a different identity from the crowd. Even, they never know how to make the good use of colour selection for their dress also. Moreover, they often confuse the favourable colour matching. It is true that they are always skeptical of their colour selection ability. Particularly, you will see that they rarely use the contrast color for their dress and obviously, when they try to use it, immediately they commit a mistake. Actually, what happens is that they never detect the color compatibility as well. Just watch them for the colour combination between blue and yellow; black and green; pink and purple and so on.

Eating Habit

When they sit on the dinner table or office canteen, you will find them at the remote corner of the canteen with a shabby atmosphere. Actually, the idiots are quite a bit of shy in their personality, and they are introvert as well. In the dinner table, you will see them quite in their exposure and waiting for serving their food. Particularly, they feel hesitate which food will be taken first with the regular food items also. Sometimes we joke with them in this case. However, it is true that they cannot judge it well.


As far as the relationship building is concerned, then it is certain they will show an immediate trance on the way of relationship-building mechanism. Sometimes you may feel that he or she is shy but it is true that the person is highly doubtful on their relationship building capability. Actually, it creates confusion between you and the idiot. Even, you will never know when the idiot will rise to the occasion and get into the relationship-building mechanism. Somehow, if he or she falls in love with you, then you are gone. Moreover, you will get into the intense psychological pressure. It is an interesting proposition for you how you will get out of it. One trick comes handy in the connection that just diverts the idiot’s attention towards its own liking.

Therefore, recognizing an idiot is only possible when you will be able to adept the situation well and you will take your chance easily from themselves as well.



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