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The Meaning of Destiny

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Whatever you have, you can not do anything in your life without your destiny. Maybe in your mind, a question arises: what is the definition of destiny? But you will never find it easily. The reason is that destiny has no physical identity, but it is a virtual state of God’s providence. Therefore, you have to do your karma according to your destiny. Practically, destiny is the list of pre-defined karma principles that you have to follow according to it without your conscious mind. It always exists in the subconscious state, which is beyond your imagination. The main purpose of destiny is to steer you to accomplish the chronological events in a single living cell. You should know that destiny is always applicable to all living and non-living forms on this planet. It is observed that destiny has different effects on the different living and non-living forms. The reason is that the living form has sense, emotion and decision-making ability, whereas destiny plays a different role as compared to the non-living form, which has only a material state in a fixed, moveless pattern.

Generally, destiny has a very limited impact on the non-living form, which has no living cells at all. Even so, fate could not experiment with it as well. But, in the case of living forms, destiny has the enormous weapons to taste a person’s tolerance, mettle, patience, and skill. Moreover, destiny maintains unique time management. When it feels that it is the right time for a strike, it strikes a person. If you think deeply, then you will find that destiny is a time management tool which is controlled by God. A more intriguing proposition is that you cannot change your destiny; rather, destiny will change you according to its time management schedules. In this way, you will be able to adjust to your destiny in such a way that it works just like a daily chore as well.

Restricted destiny

Indeed, we never think that our destiny can be altered through our convictions and deeds. But, in reality, you will find some unique components of destiny which are not available to you. Therefore, you will face some kind of restriction that your destiny applies to you. Every destiny schedule has a specific purpose for a different person. It varies from one person to another person as well. Sometimes you will feel as if your efforts are not yielding the desired results, and you will blame your fate. But, it is wrong due to your misunderstanding of your destiny. When you are getting a negative result from your effort due to restrictive destiny, then you should understand that it is not your fault; rather, it is a blessing in disguise appearing in front of you. Sometimes we could not ascertain it and designated it as a bit of bad luck. You should keep in mind that restrictive destiny is not for all of us. The reason is that it has the maximum retaining power of patience, tenacity, and skill.

Over time, you will observe that you will need a lot of inner strength to counter its intense power. If you somehow resist its powerful blow in your life, then you will come out as a great human being as well. God created a restrictive destiny for the special people who will rule humankind through their skill, patience, and tenacity. Moreover, they will be the most successful people on this planet as well. If you look deeply at the lives of the most successful and powerful men in this world, then you will find that they are truly representative of those creating a better society and making our lives more liveable as well. The main goal of restricted destiny is to develop a good character for ruling on this planet and leaving their mark on the world. It is an interesting proposition that only 10% of the world’s total population belongs to this category. It is found that the most successful people in the world belong to it.

Open destiny

The true meaning of open destiny is that it has a flexible impact on a person’s life in such a way that the person could live his or her life according to their expectations. However, the open destiny has a limited ability to help the person shine up to a point but no further. This kind of destiny gives people the opportunity to lead an ordinary life, but not an extraordinary lifestyle. It belongs to the semi-successful people in the world. Only 80% of the world’s total population falls into this category. Open destiny helps you to get a job, do a business, or start a new career, but it never allows you to reach the highest level of your designated dream. God has the limited weapons to taste a person’s patience, tenacity, and skill as well. Practically, open destiny gives all basic opportunities for living with the necessities of life. Therefore, we live today. Unless God supports us without open destiny, then we could not exist at all.

Protected destiny

Sometimes we do not understand what is happening in the background when we are expecting our dream to be successful. But it is found that somehow our dreams become unachievable. In this situation, we face a lot of difficulties or restrictions on the way to achieving it. But it has a different meaning for you. The reason is that protected destiny could not give you the support you needed to achieve your dream. Therefore, you have to accept that your protected destiny is giving away the secret clue about the danger from the very beginning. You may be frustrated about what is happening despite giving 100% involvement in your work but not getting the result you are looking for.

The main purpose of protected destiny is to save you from facing the inevitable danger that is coming to you. It also warns you to stay alert and get going accordingly. You should know that not all people do not have this kind of destiny. Only 10% of the world’s total population has protected destiny. The biggest advantage of a protected destiny is that it will never allow you to face any extreme danger and will protect you from it. Even if you face a terrible accident but you survive, where there is no chance for any survival, somehow you survive. So your protected destiny is also important to you at that time.

Therefore, destiny always guides us to live a secure and livable life through a series of difficulties and struggles, but it never allows us to die without tasting life.



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