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The Quotients of Life

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When our life goes on as usual but our control over our life depends on the determinants of our intelligence as well. It comes in our ways in different forms, but all forms of work in a synchronization pattern to make our life more liveable and active. Therefore, you can tell that the determinants of your intelligence always help you to sustain your life on the planet as well. A question may arise in your mind: what is the meaning of the quotient? It means the number value comes from the division of one number by another number is called the quotient. Since the quotients of life make to believe that we could sustain our life if we maintain the balance between intelligence and action as well.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

We live in a society, and we need to adjust our lives according to societal norms. Therefore, we need to apply our intelligence to adjust ourselves to the community as well. Even our ability and skill also depend on our intelligence. We found that a higher IQ makes a personality among the pool of geniuses as well. Indeed, the IQ level always depends on the surroundings of a personality. The reason is that the existence of a social, financial, geographical and educational atmosphere has a great impact on our intelligence. We observe that if we provide the best and most robust environment for a character, then we could find a mark of genius in a personality.

You should keep in your mind that IQ is only used for accomplishing a task where decision-making, judgement, and action are required as well. Practically, the high-IQ person is a hard nut, which is difficult to crack easily as well. If you think deeply, then you will find that building a robust relationship with a high-IQ person is very much difficult as well. Sometimes we never understand how we will deal with a high-IQ person. Even, you will find that a high IQ character faces some kind of interpersonal relationship problem with another gender. It happens because of the living style of the person. Because this kind of person lives in a one-way traffic direction, which means he or she receives your invitation but never gives you an invitation as well. Therefore, it is difficult for them to build a formidable relationship with the opposite gender.

A high IQ person indeed has a short lifespan. The reason is that his or her brain has the maximum activity cycle, which ultimately invites the death of brain cells untimely as well. Maybe in your mind a question arise what is the default mark for a normal IQ person? The answer is a value of 85, which is the average intelligence mark for any person who could lead a decent lifestyle as well. Even below the 85 mark will consider a mental disability. If the IQ of a person crosses beyond the 130 mark, then we called the person a genius as well. If we compare the IQ of a woman with the IQ of a man, then we find that they have the same average intelligence. Having the unpaired X- chromosome in men makes men higher in terms of intelligence than a woman does as well. For this reason, you find that most geniuses are male.

Emotional Quotient (EQ)

When you are going to do anything in your life, emotion always takes a big part of your activity. The reason is that your emotional intelligence helps you to accomplish your work. It steers you to reach your achieving goal as well. Sometimes we think IQ is enough for being successful in life. But it is not true because, without EQ, IQ will not work efficiently as well. You should keep in your mind that IQ works on logic and EQ works on empathy as well. Therefore, when EQ and IQ mix in balance, then the outcome comes in a bigger proportion as well. We observed that a high EQ person has great power to solve a problem with pinpoint accuracy as well. The reason is that emotional quotients comprise four parameters like self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management as well. These parameters of EQ always build the canopy of confidence for delivering the solution to the problem.

You should keep in your mind that a high EQ person takes a quite different approach to a problem from the others. The reason is that a high EQ person always accepts the change; shows empathy to others; is curious about anything new; encourages progress and leads a balanced life as well. The high EQ person always has less than 47 marks, whereas a low EQ person has higher than 58 marks on the emotional quotient scale as well.

Adverse Quotient (AQ)

When a child is getting prepared to see the first light of the earth from the mother’s womb, then the child has to overcome the adverse condition within his or her mother’s womb. Practically, the child has to face a lot of difficulties during his or her life in his or her mother’s womb and is also determined as a winner against all odds. If the child overcomes the adverse situation, then he or she will be a successful one as well. The main purpose of the adverse quotient is to make a person successful in life by measuring attitude, mental stress, longevity, perseverance, learning and reaction to the change in surroundings as well. There are different AQ scores for determining a person’s ability to cope with adversity from very low (less than 59) to very high (more than 160). This quotient is indeed very much difficult to achieve a standard score for facing adverse situations as well. Even the higher-scored AQ person always finds a way to face a hard time as well.

Therefore, the journey to the core of life’s quotients is uniquely amazing and appreciable for us because of its power to venture into a person’s mind and to get the real image of weakness and strength in his or her character.



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