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The true meaning of computer system

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In the modern era, a computer is a soul-searching machine for humankind. More precisely, you can say that it eases our daily computational activities through its various phases as well. But if you logically think about it, then you find it attached its various phases to a systematic mechanism, which we called an operating system. Even, you will see that this operating system is the lifeline of all computational activities nowadays. But one thing is sure, it linked all computational activities with our visual interpretation and logical input. You can feel that the computer operating system is a highly sensitive mechanism for the modern-day population. You should know that the computer operating system has three elements like coding, visualization and user interactivity.

Even, these elements are highly explosive for any computer operating system. The reason is that if one of these elements could not perform well, then it will collapse as well as the total operating system. Ordinary people think that the computer operating system means the proper application of coding. But it is not true. Because people never know that visualization and interactivity make it operational as well. They never feel that these elements are working constantly behind the coding as well. If you like to develop a computer operating system, then you will require a coder, graphic designer and psychologist as well.


This element is so important that it holds together visual and interactivity mechanisms in such a way that the whole operating system functions smoothly. But, if the coding skeleton could not solidify its core, then it will crash immediately the operating system. Therefore, you should keep in your mind that the coding instances create an odd mixture of feelings and gestures in the operating system as well. You should keep in your mind that the main function of the coding in a computer operating system is to integrate the visualization and interactivity altogether as well. One interesting point to feel is that you will never see the coding of the computer operating system, but you will feel the visualization and interactivity mechanism from a greater perspective as well. You will enjoy your computing without getting into the complexity of a computer operating system as well.


It is a highly intuitive part of the computer operating system. Because our eyes play with its visual mechanism through aesthetic happiness in the computer operating system. We observe that human perception always attracts the colourful world easily. In this context, we can say that the colour harmony of the computer operating system is highly contagious as well. You should know that every computer OS is decorated with colourful graphics, which invites great attraction from the computer users.

Moreover, you will observe that during the development of a computer operating system, the interaction between colour harmony and human emotion is crucial. The reason is that for any kind of computational activity, you will require sensible emotional balance. Otherwise, you will never get the maximum outcome from your computer. What happens is that the long hours on the computer will need consistency in your body and mind interaction. Therefore, once the visual instances get the perfect combination, then it makes the computer users feel the power of visual happiness in the computer operating system.


It is another element which adorns the computer OS in a big manner. The interactivity of the computer operating system is attached to the user’s emotion. More clearly speaking, if the computer OS understands the emotion of the users, then it will make the way for a better user-friendly mechanism as well. It is only possible when the coder mingles the interactivity mechanism with visual elements in such a way the computer operating system could understand the user’s emotion well. Here, you will require the help of a psychologist. The reason is that a psychologist will decode the user’s emotional instinct and its functional behaviour as well.

A computer operating system is indeed the interactive mechanism which follows the group of coding, visualization and interactivity.



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