3 Benefits of Poetry Writing

Ever wonder why there are thousands, even millions of people writing poetry?

More than just a piece of literary art, poetry is a way of strengthening your intellectual and emotional skills.

The Pongo Teen Writing, an organization of volunteer youths in Seattle, described “writing poetry is a vehicle for expressing altruistic values and philosophical explorations about life’s meaning. And writing poetry is a free and available resource that can be used for self-exploration, gratification, and healing for a lifetime.”

How poetry changed my life?

Hooked into writing, my medium of expertise is non-fiction as I am more into Copywriting, features and the likes. But, poetry has been in my veins ever since I was a kiddo. It’s just only recently that I come to take it seriously — and my view in life has changed entirely. How?

3 Amazing benefits I discovered in writing poetry

A lot of my friends ask me why I always write poetry and reflections. So, my reasons are listed below.

1. Writing poetry boosts your confidence in conquering emotional fears.

Too deep to understand how poetry helps to conquer emotional fears. Isn’t it? I am not a psychologist to diagnose your emotional imbalance. My point is that poetry eases whatever grudges you may have in your heart. It helps you forget the bad feelings you are keeping in your system. It serves as a rainbow that shines after the rain.

2. Writing poetry changed the way you look at your own self positively.

If you’ve been hiding from your true self over a period of time, poetry might help you get out of the closet. If you have problem bruising within you on representing yourself towards your peers (or others), express it through writing poetry. Then positivism towards almost everything will start to sprout. Trust me, it’s true.

3. Writing poetry keeps you creatively motivated and makes your nerves alive.

My day would be so bad if I could not write even a single line of poetry in my notes. Writing poetry will keep your mind working throughout the day. Because if you’re hooked into it, you will have to find time to scribble even a single word. Your nerves would urge you to formulate ideas that you haven’t even thought before. I tell you, it’s very amazing.

So if you want to be more productive, bubbly and not boring — in the office or at home or wherever you are — make it a routine to write even a simple line of poetry every single day. Then you will see its amazing impact in your life after a week or two.

Everyone is born a poet — a person discovering the way words sound and work, caring and delighting in words. I just kept on doing what everyone starts out doing. The real question is: Why did other people stop?” — William Stafford

If you try this simple benefits of writing poetry, please come back here after a few weeks or two and tell me how it goes with you in the comments below. Yalah!