If Only I Am the Son of Daddy Warbucks

To live is about chasing happiness, not dreaming monies.

I do not regret that I was born in this world to be the son of my poor parents, but I realized my life would be so wonderful if only I was the son of Daddy Warbucks. Happy, no frustrations, no problems, no regrets at all. Regrets of uncertain things that somehow it would hinder me to move forward and move on.

I do not know what tomorrow could bring into my life. I have many things in mind that puzzled me; my family, my studies, my peers, my job, my lovelife, my friends. These things are the main factors that I think will obstruct me in building the foundation of my future.

Daddy Warbucks would have had helped me in my studies. He would have had bought me a luxurious Mercedes Benz, a glamorous condo lifestyle living and he would have had given me the power to connect with the world.

But maybe God has planned something very special for me in a very special time, in a very special place where everything I used to wish and pray now will be mine absolutely free. Maybe God has let me realized that He is working on that wonderful surprises.

Terrible confusion inside me

Even then, I still can not understand why there are some people who are destined to have a perfect life without even sacrificing anything and have that wealthiest life ever.

And why there are poor people, even how hard we work and sacrifice for a living still we don’t go far, instead, we dive. Yes, we sacrifice and we earn, but not that much.

It is true that ‘life is so unfair’ I shall say, I can conclude to that notion. Even how hard I try not to believe that wealth will be gained from hardwork, I still can not convince myself to stand that ‘yes people are right’ and we have to sacrifice in order to gain something that will make our lives happy.

Many people in these days believe that kindness is one key to gain extra relief in our hearts. To me, this only applies in a case to case basis.

Why? Because if we dwell in an atmosphere of kindness, people around you will become spiteful and abuse you to whatever extent. That’s sad.

So, where must we go?

If you’re too kind, you’ll be abused. If you’re unkind, you’ll be rejected and despised. From this, so it’s better to be versatile but we should make sure we don’t hurt anyone or anything. It is important to be sensitive to anything around us. Remember that even dogs might get hurt.

To wrap this up, I can say that living to enjoy life is not about money, it’s not about being the son of Daddy Warbucks but it’s about how you manage yourself towards the people around you. It’s not about wealth but it’s about feelings. I believe in the sayings that state “Your heart is just a beatbox in the music of your life.” Indeed, feelings or emotions matter most than a box of gold coins.

This story was first published at www.jonpagereflections.com by Jonathan Acabo.