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Earning Money on Medium

For the past ten months, I’ve been treating Medium as a job. It was my 2nd job. I knew I needed to put in the effort to have some income on Medium.

Now that I no longer feel the pressure to break the Medium code only 6% have done, I can explore the many other possibilities of what freelance writing has to offer. I’ve had the privilege of working as a teacher and work as a tutor and business owner of an e-commerce business.

As an employee and business owner, it requires time and effort to earn money. I had some success with my e-commerce and tutoring business. I did see growth when I put in more time and effort.

But if money was the only metric to measure success, then Medium was my least successful venture. Thankfully, Medium is not my bread and butter.

I think the attraction to making Medium a viable option to earn money is the ease with which someone can earn money. It requires no specific topic, format, or job requirements to earn money. The only requirement is to write and publish your work.

For some, Medium can be a great option to earn money. But the platform was never meant for everyone to make a living writing on Medium.

There are so many excellent writers on Medium. I’m thankful for many who took the time to research other options for writers to earn money. Here are several articles below that have helped me look beyond Medium as a way to earn money. I hope the pieces below help you as it has helped me.

Freelance Writing Opportunities

By Pamela Kazmierczak

Final Thoughts

Freelance writing, as I understand it, allows someone the flexibility to earn income through multiple avenues. Medium is only one way.

Medium will always be my go-to platform to write, not because of how much I earn but because I can write about anything. It is where I rediscovered my passion for writing.

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