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Code Red: Periods, Watch and Discuss

An empathy to action film campaign to get us all comfortable with talking about periods.

BY Women’s Voices Now


Entering womanhood isn’t always easy. When encountering periods, women and young girls often have to “go with the flow”. Presenting scientific facts and personal experiences with a comedic edge, “Code Red” de-stigmatizes period talk. This film is one of four short social-impact documentaries co-produced by GlobalGirl Media + Women’s Voices Now, summer 2018.

CREATED BY: Eva Bassel, Rickeyna Fields, Estrella Lopez, Erika Martinez, Celeste Vaca



  • How/where did you learn what a period is, and about the menstrual cycle?
  • Why do women have periods?
  • Do you feel comfortable talking about your period (if you have one) or periods in general, with your friends and family? If so, what do those conversations sound and feel like?
  • Do you think is it important to talk about periods?
  • Should special exceptions be made for women and girls “on their period”?
  • Do you think female professional capabilities are different than males because women and girls get a period?


  • If period talk is a more approachable subject, what would be some benefits to society, not just for women and girls?
  • A few of the girls in the film shared how family members told them it talking about periods isn’t “lady-like”. What do you think about that?
  • Do you know about the tampon tax? Do you think the tampon tax should be repealed?
  • Do you think women and girls face discrimination in the workplace and at school because they menstruate?
  1. SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN, copy/paste:

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#CodeRed on #period talk. Watch a short doc by #femaleyouth on opening up about #menstruation. #Destigmatize #female #flow, create #safespace for all. Join the #empathytoactionfilmclub #womensvoicesnow #bethechange @WomensVoicesNow @GlobalGirlMedia

On Instagram

#CodeRed on #period talk. Watch a short doc by #femaleyouth on opening up about #menstruation. #Destigmatize #female #flow, create #safespace for all. Join the #empathytoactionfilmclub #womensvoicesnow #bethechange @Womens_Voices_Now @GlobalGirlMedia

2. HOST A SCREENING OF THIS FILM using this screening guide:

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3. CHALLENGE THE “TAMPON TAX” in your state (unless it’s already been repealed):

  • Find out if your state has a “tampon tax”. Click HERE. Scroll down to the “United States” section.
  • If it does, find out who your STATE SENATOR is, and how to contact them. Click HERE.
  • Send an e-mail to the state senator’s office (instructions will be on their website), OR give them a call. Write/Say the following:

Dear State Senator,

My name is [YOUR NAME], and I am one of your constituents. I believe that the value-added tax placed upon feminine hygiene products puts an unfair financial burden on female residents of our state. I ask that you propose legislation removing the “tampon tax”. Here is some language that I suggest to get our state started on this act of social justice:

“Existing sales and use tax laws impose a tax on retailers measured by the gross receipts from the sale of tangible personal property sold at retail in this state, or on the storage, use, or other consumption in this state of tangible personal property purchased from a retailer for storage, use, or other consumption in this state. Those laws provide various exemptions from those taxes.

This bill would exempt from those taxes the gross receipts from the sale in this state of, and the storage, use, or other consumption in this state of, tampons, sanitary napkins, menstrual sponges, and menstrual cups.”

I look forward to your timely response to this important matter.




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Initiatives to support

  • Period Game: Donate to this Kickstarter Campaign that’s developing a game all about de-stigmatizing menstruation!


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