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Limitless: The Struggles of Women in STEM

An exploration of the obstacles women face in the STEM field, and the importance for diversity and equality in STEM.

BY: Brissa Campos, Alyssa Chang Ho, and Alique Tufenkjian

LIMITLESS is a film about the obstacles women face in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field, and the importance for diversity and equality in STEM. This film’s goal is to inspire young women to go into STEM and to spread awareness of the issues women in STEM face. The creators of this film, Brissa Campos, Alyssa Chang Ho, and Alique Tufenkjian, gained interest in STEM through programs that were aimed to inspire young girls. This is what inspired them to come together and talk about the unsolved issues many women face in the STEM field. This film’s goal is also to encourage all the women and girls in this world to follow their dream and to not let anything or anyone discourage them from pursuing the career they desire.


  • Have you heard of a wage gap between men and women in the STEM field?
  • Can you name more than three female scientists or inventors?
  • Are you aware of the discrimination or micro-aggressions women face in the STEM workplace?
  • Why is it important for more women to go into the STEM field?


  • In what ways can women benefit the STEM field?
  • What problems do women in STEM fields face?
  • If more girls experienced STEM at a young age in a safe environment what impact do you think that will have on their interest in STEM?
  • In what ways have you encouraged girls into STEM?


  • Apply to the organizations above if you are a girl interested in the STEM field
  • Start a STEM team or club
  • Talk to colleges in your area for research positions
  • Connect with any women mentors
  • Support organizations that help girls get into the STEM field
  • Support women in the STEM field
  • Be aware and spread awareness of the hardships and discrimination they face in the workplace, and how to change that
  • Be aware of your own actions and language that may be considered offensive to a woman in STEM and apologize

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The WVoice is the digital publication of Women’s Voices Now, a 501(c)3 non-profit using film to drive positive social change that advances women’s and girls’ rights globally.

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