How to create an inspiring meeting agenda

Designing a good agenda for a major meeting is a lot of work. I’m talking about the kind of meeting where you are asking people for a significant amount of time. Say, a one-day or two-day offsite with your senior team.

I’ve been using something recently that seems to work really well, not only for designing the agenda but for making sure you have all the major bases covered and creating positive energy and enthusiasm for the whole endeavor.

This approach is a mash-up of The Hero’s Journey, popularized by Joseph Campbell, and the Pie Chart Agenda which comes from James Macanufo, my good friend and co-author on Gamestorming.

Here’s a video (9-and-a-half minutes) that explains the ins and outs of the Hero’s Journey Agenda. Take ten minutes now and learn this technique. Your meetings will never be the same again.

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Dave Gray is the founder of XPLANE, a design consultancy that helps organizations navigate and clarify complexity to create meaningful impact.

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