What Kind of Design Work Should I do?

A Flow Chart for Designers

Given my track record of mining overused Internet mediums with listicles, limericks, comics as well as a short dalliance with link-baity headlines, you probably thought cat memes were next.

(Actually, you probably didn’t think that, because it states very clearly in the title this is a flow chart.)

The making of was a bit of a disaster as my very small notebook and my very bad handwriting conspired to make my sketches completely incomprehensible to everyone including myself.

Thankfully, I discovered a fairy godmother in the form of Omnigraffle which gave my flow chart the good ol’ Cinderella treatment.

I get asked all the time by designers What project should I take on?/Where should I work?/What should my career look like? for which I usually give a woefully inadequate 2-minute answer. This chart is an attempt to better illustrate what I always end up wishing I could convey. I hope some of you find it useful.

Download the high-resolution version here.