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How to Help Boys Grow in Today’s World

Practice honesty and fairness in your home.

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Who sets the standard?

Eden’s story.

Eden’s story is not just a story; it’s a real-life journey of a young woman who is preparing to embark on her college life this fall.

“Why would I do everything in the house while my brothers watch TV and scream on the phone?

My mom gets mad at me when I complain and she explains that is what is expected of girls.

It gets worse when my relatives visit from Nigeria. When I was in middle school, my aunt finished her food and handed over her dinner plate to me while my brother sat next to her. I stood up and left.

Everyone rolled their eyes, and I didn’t care because I had had enough. My aunt rolled her eyes out of its socket and my mom smirked at what I did because this aunt always ran up our family budget anytime she visited. No one had the nerve to question her extravagant lifestyle.

Who is right? Eden, her aunt, brothers, Mom, or a soft spoken Dad? Join the conversation below.

In 2024, the above story is familiar in some African cultures if there is no family live-in maid and driver.



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