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You Cheat & What Next? Never Confess Your Cheating To Your Spouse

If you're not caught red-handed — shut your mouth, seek counseling, or leave the relationship. And things to do to stop cheating.

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3 min readSep 1, 2022


“Before someone betrayed you, you betrayed yourself.”― Meir Ezra.

Akpama: I cheated on my wife. Do you think I need to confess?

Me: Why the question?

Akpama: We are in counseling. And my wife confessed many things.

Me: Tell me more about that affair.

Akpama: I had an affair with our neighbor and my wife didn’t know.

Me: Great. Don’t confess to her and don’t tell the counselor. The counselor may know, but don’t spill the beans.

Cheating is unacceptable behavior and says more about you than your partner. It doesn't work, and don't do it.


Keep your secret. Everyone has a secret.

You don't want to share a few things with your spouse, for example, your body counts, your lazy brother stealing your money, and others. But if you have family…



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