Ylixr Update 15: Bots on Bots on Bots

This is gonna happen. Chatbots across the biggest platforms will play a huge role in how people get information from companies. But not everybody will win. Here’s the big question:

What type of information will users want to get through bots?

Specifically, what kinds of companies should have bots and what kind of content should be made available through them? Also, will it be more of a new way to see content that users can already get somewhere else or all about new content?

Let’s back up a bit: Facebook just announced that chatbots can be developed for its Messenger platform, where there are 900 million monthly active users. It’s called distribution.

According to Forrester Research, consumers spend 84% of their smartphone time across just five native apps. So if you’re looking to reach an audience on mobile, you would clearly want to find ways through one of those five apps.

While there are other platforms that enable bots as well, Facebook really created a massive opportunity with their launch of bots for Messenger, and businesses are already jumping in, with 1-800-Flowers, CNN, HP and other already having bots live.

Our minds go to service and hospitality businesses because their interactions with guests can be a competitive advantage in itself. For instance, why wouldn’t hotels open up this channel for guests to get info about properties and what to do around them? They could even use bots to introduce specific staff members to guests prior to arrival to stimulate interaction at the hotel.

This aligns beautifully with our platform for companies to manage the presence of their business and their staff. Bots may still not be perfect, but they’re getting better and better and more and more interesting.