How Much YouTube Pays Me For 1,000 Shorts Views in 2024

Is it worth it?

Kristen Walters
YouTube Playbook


Credit: Canva Pro

Since the beginning of 2024, I’ve posted around 100 YouTube shorts across several of my faceless channels.

I’m always curious to know how much others are making on YouTube, so I thought I’d share the average that YouTube has been paying me per 1,000 shorts views in 2024.

Are you ready?

Currently, my RPM is around $.17.

Crazy, I know.

Screenshot from author.

For reference, my long-form videos range from $4 to $16 per 1000 views.

So, why bother with shorts?


Shorts help me get new subscribers insanely fast.

One of my recent shorts pulled in 361 new subs in under 4 hours.