Importance Of Remembering The Holocaust

The holocaust is one of the most despicable events in our history. This was the time that the Jews were initially discriminated against and then persecuted and destroyed systematically in an effort to wipe them out. No one was spared including children and babes in arms. While the Jews were the primary victims, people with disabilities, political opponents, gypsies, and others were also victims. The Nazis were the main perpetrators of the crime, however, they were able to act so boldly because of the tacit support they received from people within their own country as well as in other European countries. Holocaust remembrance is important because it happened when people allowed their hatred to get out of control. It happened because people believed they had the right to exterminate those whom they did not like.

Rationale Behind Holocaust Remembrance Projects

People and communities have started holocaust remembrance project all over the world. Many nonprofit organizations have conducted workshops, seminars, exhibits, conferences, and remembrance events in order to keep alive in the minds of the youth and the current generation what really happened those many years ago. The idea is to imbibe in young minds an aversion for discrimination and genocide and promote tolerance and understanding. One single man and his cronies were able to bring to an end in the most cruel ways possible the lives of millions of people. These projects are an attempt to create an aversion for violence and love for peace in the minds of people.

Learning To Respect Human Beings Through Holocaust Remembrance Projects

Holocaust remembrance projects are an attempt to remind us that even today if holocaust exists, it is because of our apathy. This mentality of hatred has to be nipped in the bud itself. It is an attempt to remind people that we are all the same, all human beings with the same red blood flowing in our veins. Therefore if we see any injustice, it is our duty to stand up and protest and do what we can, not be silent spectators. It is this silence that gives the bully and the terrorist the courage to go ahead thinking that he has the power to do what he likes. This courage comes from knowing he can intimidate anyone and from forgetting he is also only a human being just like the one he is bullying.

Remembering The Holocaust Through The National Holocaust Remembrance Day

The National Holocaust Remembrance Day is a memorial to the tragedy of the holocaust commemorated on 27th January every year. It was on this day in 1945 that the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was freed by the Soviet army. This day is especially important in the UK and Italy. The UN uses this day to exhort members to conduct educational programs to educate the current generations of the damaging influence of intolerance, harassment, and violence against people belonging to minority communities or religious beliefs. This is the day that member countries recommit themselves to upholding the rights of human beings to live and co-exist irrespective of who they are.