5 Ways To Get The Perfect Hair You Always Wanted

Good Hairday Everyday

Good hair makes up for a smile anyday

There’s a reason why good hairday(s) make you real happy. The reason behind this is simple and a strong one.

When your hair is in it’s perfect place, in the perfect balance and in the perfect texture, you know for a fact, that you are looking good.

More importantly, irrespective of what other’s eyes see but in your own. Although, you will always get number of compliments on a good hairday. You feel more confident than usual just because of it. Don’t you?

Here are top 5 ways to get the perfect hair:

1. Wash Your Hair Correctly: For Health

Don’t wash daily and don’t go too long without washing it

The dust in in your hair has the different pollutants, smoke particles, oils and many more things that damage your hair if they stay for too long on your head.

These don’t just affect your hair but are harmful for your scalp as well.

Wash your hair depending upon the type of hair you have.

If you have dry hair, don’t wash it too often as it will also wash away the oil your head releases to keep it shiny and healthy and it will make your hair drier. Washing dry hair once or twice a week is good enough.

In case you don’t have dry hair, then you can even wash it daily but still washing 3–4 times per week is good enough.

2. Use Heating Tools But Not Daily: For Styling

Blow dry to maintain the texture

Heating the hair has always been the best way to maintain your hair texture. Irrespective of how long your hair is and what style you want to have, heating it will make your hair stable.

If you think your hair is too light or too loose to style for anything, think again.

Heating your hair hardens the hair from inside and retains the shape you style it into. It will look like magic when you do it for the first time.

Blow dry your hair while holding it into the style/shape you want it. Use hair straightener by heating your hair and sliding it slowly.

Heating your hair will make it more dry though and there will be a little less shine though so don’t over-heat it and never use heating instruments daily.

3. Nourish Your Head Often with Oil

Oil nourishes your hair at a greater extent

Washing your hair is never recommended because it washes off the natural oil your head produces. Don’t use shampoo or conditioner with harsh chemicals which will strip your scalp and hair’s oil.

You can apply oil according to how dry or oily your hair is. Adding a few drops of oil to your fingers while massaging can treat dandruff or dryness, reduce hair loss, discourage premature graying, and make your tresses shinier and less frizzy.

In case of dry hair, oil it 1–2 times a week.

For oily hair, you can do this once a week or two.

Deep-nourishment: Every few weeks, apply coconut oil and massage your scalp with it. Sit back, relax and deep-nourish your head for 20 mins and wrap it in a towel and sleep. Wash it off with shampoo and a conditioner.

Once you start doing it for a week or two, you’ll understand how often you need to it for your hair type.

4. Eat Healthy. Consume more Vitamin E, Protein and OMEGA-3 fatty acids food.

Food enrich in Vitamin E, D, protein and OMEGA-3 are good for hair

Your hair is made up of dead cells that are mostly made up of tough protein called Keratin.

Although your hair is something that grows out of your body but it still comes from inside you only and your scalp and inner tissues nourishes it all the while it grows. Some of food that you should consume are:

  1. Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin, two nutrients that may promote hair growth
  2. Berries are loaded with beneficial compounds and vitamins that may promote hair growth.
  3. Spinach
  4. Fatty Fish
  5. Sweet Potatoes
  6. Avocados
  7. Nuts
  8. Seeds

5. Get the Correct and Regular Haircuts(MOST IMPORTANT)

Getting regular haircuts is one of the important step to maintain your hair’s health.

People always wonder why they can’t maintain the perfect hair but never really bother to go for timely haircuts. Everyone hits the perfect threshold length and density but forget that it won’t stop growing there and fe days or weeks later, they loose it and get the wrong haircut by making it short all the way.

I wonder why people do it and surprisingly most people do it.

It’s more than just styling. It keeps your healthy since maintain less hair is always easier not just by you but for your body as well.

It removes the damaged split ends that affect your hair.

Moreover, it’s about lifestyle as well. Staying well groomed and sharp will always get you in a good mental state as well.

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