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Effortless Token Browsing with the Zap Protocol Token Marketplace

With the introduction of Zap Protocol Beta 2.0 comes an all-new, totally redesigned marketplace for tokens. The Zap Token Marketplace allows you to conveniently list or discover new tokens created on our curation market. Additional sorting features and viewports have been added. New features include:

  • Grid view comparing Bonding Curves from multiple providers side by side
  • Custom search filters and product descriptions
  • Seamless progression from browsing to bonding

The Zap Token Marketplace is a part of the initial release of the Beta 2.0 launch with the intention of allowing for initial testing focused on this feature. There will be continuous updates based on the feedback from users and community members.

We have drastically improved the accessibility and simplicity of Bonding and Unbonding to curves that generate tokens. New Filters include a list view, sorting by tokens you have previously Bonded to, and a search bar to quickly lookup a specific token by name or address. The new Zap Token Marketplace includes cards displaying our new Token Bonding Curves. Each card features our new Zap Bonding Curve architecture, the Token name, Provider name, Zap/Token ratio, and a Bond button that directs the user to the Endpoint Profile Page once clicked. Users can then choose to Bond or Unbond from the selected token curves. The Endpoint Profile Page displays the estimated Zap/Bond ratio, allowing the user to choose the amount of Tokens to Bond/Unbond. A confirmation screen appears with submitted details then shows the progress of the transaction once confirmed.

About Zap Protocol:

Zap Protocol is a blockchain agnostic decentralized network providing access to data for smart contracts and other tokenized products and services. Credited with coining the term bonding curve, Zap Protocol also released the first live mainnet Bonding Curve oracle platform in 2019. Zap Protocol works to ensure blockchain and DeFi is more accessible and easy to integrate into your everyday operations.

Zap Protocol Official Channels


Twitter: @ZapProtocol



Reddit: r/ZapProtocol

Facebook: @ZapProtocol

Instagram: @ZapProtocol

Medium: The Zap Project

LinkedIn: Zap

GitHub: The Zap Project




Zap Protocol provides critical infrastructure built to power the next wave of decentralized applications. Users can swap tokens, earn rewards by validating oracle data feeds, and raise funds on customizable bonding curves on our platform.

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Zap Protocol

Zap Protocol

Official Website: Twitter: @ZapProtocol

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