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Zap is a cross-chain multifunctional DeFi protocol currently on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, enabling our users to utilize decentralized financial tools and become blockchain architects. Fundamental updates were made in 2021 that shifted the project direction to develop new Web3 applications to align with market demand. Three new products were launched as a result of this: ZapDEX, ZapNFT, and ZapOracles.

With the major changes that Zap Protocol has made, it was essential to complete a rebrand and design system overhaul for 2022. We did this by deconstructing the existing branding to develop something familiar yet compelling.

We believe a refresh of the brand image must satisfy the existing expectations of our initial mark by enhancing the original logo design without radical alteration. Maintaining the integrity of the original branding set forth in 2017, the name Zap, and the signature lightning bolt logo was fundamental in the process. Both the name and symbol are the embodiment of the ability to shock the world.

Our design philosophy highlights individuality and innovation. We have incorporated neumorphism not only into our design system but also the decision-making process. This led to a sleek, sophisticated, and engaging way to navigate the platform for our users.

Neumorphism, much like its predecessor, skeuomorphism, portrays photorealistic UI elements in a digitally subtle aesthetic that adds depth and a unique tactile feel. The design incorporates shadows and contrast mimicking sunlit angles on multidimensional objects. This is one of the compelling characteristics of neumorphism, a timeless digital interface style, which consistently gains favorability amongst designers and consumers alike. It welcomes curiosity and interactivity. Additionally, it is an excellent means of showcasing digital media in a gallery setting such as user-generated content on the ZapNFT Marketplace.

The Zap logo is made of three elements; the bolt, square, and typeface. Spatial recognition, heavyweight, and defined clear space, as well as well-delineated placement in relation to other content, all help to make our logo as instantly recognizable as possible at all sizes and in all contexts. It was important to encapsulate the metallic blue gradient within the bolt itself allowing for both dark and light theme application in this rebrand offering versatility. Previously the bolt was white with a blue background and did not offer any striking difference to stand out in the sea of “tech blue” designs. In this iteration, the bolt is now the center of focus fully embracing the power of Zap!

Creating a strong visual identity is indispensable to building brand awareness. An updated guideline document assures a consistent application of brand assets across all forms of media. We refer to this guide for the most effective expression of Zap Protocol.

Zap Protocol’s mission is to democratize tools that humanize complicated smart contract technologies on the blockchain. Our products are intended to be disruptive, driving change with a suite of DeFi applications and services. We are the access method that not only developers will be able to utilize, but also for new individuals who don’t have the experience or resources to become their own blockchain architects. Simple, powerful, and effective is the ethos of Zap Protocol and is revealed in this rebrand.

Zap is a cross-chain multifunctional DeFi protocol that provides critical infrastructure built to power the next wave of decentralized applications. Be ready to swap tokens, earn rewards by validating oracle data-feeds, mint NFTs, and raise funds with custom bonding curves. Zap Protocol is blockchain-agnostic and currently live on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.


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