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Zap July Update 2020

Zap Protocol and DIVI Project Partner to Create Zap Wrapped Divi

During their July 20th video update, Divi announced the partnership between our two teams as we work to expand the capabilities of both of our technologies. This will occur through the creation of Zap wrapped Divi.

“Having a wrapped version of Divi on ethereum means DeFi for Divi…”

Watch the video announcement:

Divi offers the first and only one-click masternode deployment with their Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer (MOCCI) and no-click staking solution which is geared towards providing an experience with cryptocurrency and all its capabilities that is as user friendly as possible.

Zap Enters Blockchain Gaming with Siege Worlds!

The soon to be released Siege Worlds, a cryptocurrency-powered multiplayer online game, features Zap as one of the in-game tokens which you can spend or earn with. Additionally, 10 percent of all game fees go to support your favorite projects development team. Other tokens include Divi, Maker, Litecoin, EOS, and Bitcoin. The game also plans to include VR implementation.

You can learn more about Siege Worlds by joining their telegram chat at:

Zap now available on Uniswap!

In order to meet the growing demand for the Zap utility token, a new pool offering an eth-zap pair on the Uniswap exchange is now available!

The pool can be found here:

Uniswap is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum. In addition to trading, users can add liquidity through 1:1 staking of zap to eth and earn from the trading fees.

Initial Launch of New Zap Interface is Almost Here!

The redesign of the UI/UX for the Zap protocol has moved faster than expected. The goal is for a private launch to occur in the coming weeks where select individuals will be able to test and provide feedback on any potential hidden issues. We will also extend this access to select members of the community who have been with the project for some time and have shown their passion for it.

As we have produced a number of partnerships, part of that work meant understanding the specific needs that each business had and we incorporated that into decisions made when redesigning the interface. As the needs of many different industries are accounted for, we think what we created will help to make the Zap Protocol as accessible and flexible as possible.

After the testing phase, expect the official launch of the protocol’s new interface to coincide with rolling releases of products and services from already announced and yet to be announced partnerships.

Official Outlets

(NEW!) Reddit: r/ZapProtocol

Twitter: @ZapProtocol

Facebook: @ZapProtocol



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