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Zap June Update 2020

Protocol Growth: New Front-End Development Begins

The Zap protocol continues to improve and evolve. The front end development team is continuing its rebuild of the front end of the Zap protocol. We expect to soon offer a ticketing system so anyone who wants to submit changes can do so and be rewarded with a bounty.

Check out the new test site — — which will be updated periodically with the buildouts into the future, so make sure to check back often for the new and up to date documentation and team pages. Partnership with Blockchain Center Brings Zap “Bootcamp” and Weekly Meetups

Over 200 people have applied for Zap’s “Smart Contract & Bonding Curve Bootcamp.” With such a large interest pool, it may take a little time to get to everyone.

The Zap team is making sure to process and interview each and every applicant. We will work with many of the developers who proceed to the course to guide them into the world of smart contract technology and how to develop with the Zap protocol.

Strong Interest In Joining Zap Team

We recognize and appreciate the strong interest by over 100 individuals (to date) for roles ranging from marketing to sales. This also exceeded our expectations. We will make every effort to get to everyone, to process and interview each applicant. Our outreach will also involve educating applicants on the Zap protocol.

Blockchain Centers across the globe are set to host Zap meet-ups on a regular basis in order to promote and educate the masses on the powerful Zap protocol and underlying blockchain technology. Additionally, the Zap protocol will be able to go live from time to time on the Developer Wednesday live streams hosted by the Blockchain Center to discuss and show how to develop on Zap protocol.

ICYMI: Create Your Own Token with ZAP Developer Adam Manka

Watch Zap Developer Adam Manka talk Zap and show you how to make an erc20 token in virtually no time with the Zap protocol. Using our protocol, anyone who creates an erc20 token also gets a fully liquid dex with algorithmic market making with a predetermined pricing function.

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