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Zap May Update 2019

Zap moves to open beta

Zap’s live platform has now transitioned to open beta after passing internal alpha testing. Our live platform is accessible directly through This will allow the wider community to begin to create, query, and/or speculate on oracles.

The homepage has all the information needed to interact with our platform; whether it’s how to bond to an oracle or how to create an arbiter contract for temporal subscriptions. Zap designed a single go-to point for information and access to the platform, to meet the growing interest and demand from developers engaging us. We believe this platform will best foster development, especially in the rapidly evolving blockchain tech industry where attention (and patience) is limited.

erc20 Bonding curves

Erc20 bonding curves have been built for the live platform. The addition of erc20 bonding curves allows a creator of a bonding curve to have a custom token factory contract be the issuance of the secondary tokens. This makes possible the ability to create decentralized autonomous organizations, token distribution events, and entire platforms built using the algorithmic continuous liquidity of a bonding curve market, and will also enable the creation of competition settlements using the bonding curves as an instantaneous market.

We will continue to update our content on a rolling basis as development proceeds. Here are some key links for the fastest access and performance interacting with the Zap platform.

Navigating the live platform:


Zapjs docs

More Access to Zap With Bitrue

Interested users can now access Zap by exchanging bitcoin and XRP for Zap on the Bitrue exchange!

The current trading pairs are listed for-



New York Blockchain Week 2019

Hundreds of events were held in New York City for eight days (May 10–18) by people coming from across the globe to celebrate and promote blockchain technology. Here are some of the highlights from that week for Zap:

Consensus Booth/ Dr. Ron Paul Booksigning

Consensus is a premier event hosted by CoinDesk which features the top names and projects in the blockchain space. From May 13th-15th, the Zap team was present at a booth with DAPNet. Together, we are working to provide smart contracts that allow dynamic and decentralized ways for political engagement — for example, the ability to directly lobby for an issue through the use of smart contracts rather than through a traditional “K Street” lobbying firm.

During Consensus, the former long-serving congressman from Texas and presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul, who supports the freedom of individuals to use cryptocurrencies, made a special appearance at our booth. He drew a large crowd as attendees were allowed to meet and take photos with the former congressman. Many came away with a better understanding of smart contracts and how our platform’s use of bonding curves solves the “oracle problem” of needing choice and trust among distributed and competing data feeds, as one use-case.

Hackathon/ Dr. Ron Paul’s Keynote Speech

Zap hosted the “Smart Contract Activism” hackathon where teams competed to showcase political oracles and how they can be used to decentralize political engagement.

The winning team developed a crowdfunding smart contract that uses a “bill data oracle.” The oracle informs the smart contract on the status of a bill. If it passes — in line with the crowdfunders support — then it will automatically trigger a payout that will go towards the fundraising efforts of the politicians who supported that bill.

The Keynote of the event, Dr. Ron Paul, expressed his unwavering support of an individual’s right and freedom to choose to use cryptocurrencies. In particular, he rebuked the recent actions and comments by Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) who introduced a bill to ban bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, saying now is the time that Congress nips bitcoin “in the bud” as it threatens the U.S. dollar. As a constant advocate for liberty, Dr. Paul called for choice in the wake of Sherman’s call for restriction. He believes this is another example of government overreach which would only serve to limit personal freedoms, stifle innovation, and leave American’s behind technologically.

Summer Internships

A large group of programmers have come to join us this summer for an internship building use-cases they are most excited about on the Zap platform. We look forward to a host of new smart contract utilities based on their designs.

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The Synapse Foundation is an Isle of Man non-profit organization with offices in Zug, Switzerland. The Synapse Foundation was formed to build, promote, and oversee the Zap project. The organization is committed to community engagement and sponsoring user participation within a world of decentralized data. Zap is an intellectual property owned by the Synapse Foundation. Nothing herein, nor any related documentation issued by the Synapse Foundation or Zap project team, shall constitute legal, tax or investment advice.



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