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Zap Project August 2018 Update

Hello Zappers, as we begin the month of August, we would like to provide an update on what we have been working on and what to expect in the coming weeks.

Keep in mind that our monthly updates recap what has been happening in the Zap ecosystem since the last update, and if you wish to learn about new developments in real-time you should follow us on Twitter @ZapOracles and join our Telegram channel at


The Zap SDK

The Zap SDK continues to roll out with additional tools and features. We are very excited to announce that our first wave of npm packages — collectively called @Zapjs — have been published. You see the complete list on the official npm package list here.

Written in TypeScript (a subset of Javascript), our Node.js packages are built as a collection of 11 secure, lean modules, and allow developers to easily create oracles and/or interact with the different Zap (smart) contracts using pre-compiled libraries. The documentation and description for for each of the Zapjs packages is available at, the home for all things technical within the Zap project.

What will you build first?

Zap Chrome

Left: Wallet & Oracle Portfolio | Right: Transaction Confirmation Screen

The Zap Chrome Extension functions as a mini pop-out window in the corner of the Google Chrome web browser. It acts as the command center for users’ bonded oracle/data provider portfolio. One of Zap’s unique offerings is the ability to use curation markets (or bonding curves, as we call them) as a way for data providers to incentivize “early adopters” of their data feeds/oracles to, well, get in early. In essence, data providers have the ability to algorithmically charge more ZAP for access to their data as more people are subscribed to their data (or not — the curve can be flat). We are currently working on a short video and detailed write up to explain this concept better, but in the meantime you can read up about it here.

The Zap Chrome extension allows users to interact with the smart contracts that control this process (bond and unbond) as well as visually represent the bonding curves of each oracle they are subscribed to or are providing. Additionally, the extension queries the Zap Registry contract, allowing users to search for available data feeds/oracles.

Zap Chrome also provides users with a fully featured ETH and ZAP wallet. Built into the wallet is an interface that allows for obtaining the ZAP tokens necessary for using the Zap platform directly from inside the wallet via a smart contract that uses a Zap price feed oracle to determine the current ZAP/ETH exchange rate (based on Changelly’s rates).

Zap Chrome is currently in an internal alpha testing and auditing stage, making sure all features work correctly and reliably and updating the UI (you may notice it looks a lot better than the screenshots from last month’s update!). Barring any unforeseen show-stopping bugs, we expect to release a public alpha version in the coming weeks!

Zap Android

Left to right: Wallet, Smart Contract Template Builder, Code Editor

The Zap Android app acts as a fully functional Ether & ZAP token wallet. In addition, the Zap Android app team has successfully ported the Solidity compiler to native Android code, making it the first mobile app that we know of that gives users the option to natively compile and deploy smart contracts directly from your mobile device without using a third party solution. We believe this is a big step forward in the march towards decentralization and removing trusted third parties as a requirement on mobile devices. The Zap Android app allows you to do the following:

- Create an Ethereum account with a mnemonic phrase recovery seed
- Receive ether
- Send ether
- Create, edit and save smart contracts on device
- Use smart contract templates
- Compile smart contracts
- Deploy smart contracts
- Query smart contracts
- Transact with smart contracts
- Switch to different networks (Mainnet, Rinkeby, private, etc.)

The Zap Android app is currently in an internal alpha testing phase with no specific timeline for release, but every day we are making progress towards getting it into your hands.

Zap on EOS

Work continues on bringing Zap to the EOS platform. We’ve implemented querying and token escrow and are adding more features every week.

Zap is first and foremost a platform (toolset) for developers to build amazing things using blockchain technology and we want to foster a strong community for the developers building smart contracts and (decentralized) applications using Zap oracles.

Discord: We have a new home for the Zap development community on Discord. Discord is a (free) cross-platform communication platform similar to Slack, popular with many developers and has the added benefit of built-in voice chat rooms. You can join the Zap Development Discord server with the following link:

Bounties: We are still deciding the best way to go about issuing bounties to encourage work on the open source Zap project. Platforms like Gitcoin and Bounty0x as well as a self-managed bounty program are all contenders and we are not necessarily limiting ourselves to one choice. As we find a pressing issue or need for manpower the bounty program will develop naturally.

If you are simply interested in creating some of the first (public) oracles using the Zap platform, please reach out (Telegram, Discord, Email, Carrier Pigeon) we would love to assist and work with you! And look out for a step-by-step breakdown of how to get started developing dApps with Zap, coming soon.

Documentation: Zap.Tech

Real Estate Smart Contract

The first real estate commission split using a smart contract was brokered using Zap technology earlier this summer in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood by New York-based Bapple Realty. The use of smart contracts ensures agents receive their agreed-upon commissions at the same time as their broker-fee payment.

Zap founder Nick Spanos cut his teeth in the real estate industry, and released a statement for Bitcoin Magazine, “The industry needs smart contracts,” Spanos said. “In a real estate office, many people have disagreements because of informal oral agreements that are subject to people’s sometimes-selective memory. However, if their wallet is in the smart contract tied to the deal, it is fixed and immutable. You’re either in or you’re not. Trust is automated”.

While this is only a drop in the bucket in the realm of smart contracts, their use in real estate has the potential to revolutionize the entire industry.

Read the Bitcoin Magazine article about it here.

BizDev Updates

Zap has partnered with the Qbao Network, a cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized social network platform. For now, Zap is simply a supported token on their wallet app. However, we are excited to working together with Qbao to bring greater awareness to the Zap platform and engaging with the Qbao community going forward.


Zap Team Members Nick Spanos & Hamdan Azhar posing with Conference Attendees

Blockchain World Conference (July 11–13) — We attended the Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the famous oceanfront and casino resort town on the East Coast of the United States. Nick Spanos gave an electrifying speech in front of thousands of attendees and which was also live-streamed to tens of thousands of online viewers.


Blockchain Futurist Conference — Toronto. August 15–16
Coinvention — Philadelphia. August 31
World Blockchain Forum — London. September 3–5
Token Fest — Title Sponsors — Boston. September 13–14
Future Tech Expo — Dallas. September 14–16

Thanks for reading!

Make sure to bookmark our blog, follow us on Twitter @ZapOracles, and join our Telegram channel to stay up to date with the latest news and updates from the Zap team. We’re always happy to hear from you: send your questions and comments to

July 2018 Media Coverage:

Bitcoin Magazine — Nick Spanos’s Zap Jolts Real Estate With Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts

BitRates — Nick Spanos Wants to Disrupt Real Estate with His Zap Oracle Platform for Ethereum

CryptStorm — Spanos bullish on Cryptos: He says “BTC will recover quickly from its downtrend.”

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