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We are excited to announce Zap Labs, a new research team dedicated to advancing the development of Zap Protocol and open-source solutions for blockchain technology.

Zap Labs is dedicated to academic research on cryptoeconomics and the development of decentralized systems. Researchers at Zap Labs will utilize rigorous mathematical methods and produce scholarly articles.

Our team seeks to expand beyond the partnership with the University of Connecticut to other universities and institutions. We are currently in the planning stages for various workshops and hackathons.

Academic research is key to seeking new knowledge that can be applied to oracles, decentralized exchanges, and other decentralized applications. We submitted our first academic paper, titled “Competition in Bonding Curve Marketplaces” to the Journal of Blockchain Research.

If you are a researcher interested in joining the team at Zap Labs: Apply Here

Zap Protocol provides critical infrastructure built to power the next wave of decentralized applications. Users can swap tokens, earn rewards by validating oracle data feeds, and raise funds on customizable bonding curves on our platform.


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