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Zap Protocol Beta 2.0 Development Update — April 12, 2021

Zap Protocol Beta 2.0 Development Update

New Features — Our team has been working diligently to create new features, fix bugs, and enhance the user experience for everyone. In addition to the major features outlined in the Beta 2.0 Launch Details article, several new features have been added. In particular, the mobile experience has been dramatically improved.

Reusable TokenFactory

Token Minting no longer requires the user to redeploy a new token factory.

Bond Card Details Flip

Now displays Bonding Curve Details on the Bonding page keeping small and mobile display in mind.

Mobile Login with Metamask Browser

Access extended to mobile users with the MetaMask browser update.

Bug Fixes — We appreciate everyone who has submitted bug reports. We have been listening to your feedback and working to fix the bugs that you found. If you found a bug that we haven’t fixed yet, you can submit a bug report here.

Here’s a list of the current fixes that have been made:

  • Estimated Token Amounts in Confirmation Window Display Correctly.
  • Firefox Browser Scaling Issue
  • Safari Browser Display
  • TokenFactory Deployment Error
  • Bad Redirects/Hyperlinks
  • Documentation Links Display
  • Gas Estimation
  • Mobile Login
  • Confirm Text Hover Removal
  • Chain Switching
  • Curve Under x-axis in Confirm Listing
  • Search Bar and Bonded Toggle
  • Updates for Token Market Text
  • Terms of Service Mobile Format

Enhancements — One of our goals is to optimize the mobile experience on our platform. Along with mobile-specific changes, we are cleaning up the wording, and updating the user experience to make interacting with Zap as smooth as possible. We also addressed an issue where clicking links would navigate away from the dashboard. External links will now open in a separate tab automatically.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Added Get Test ZAP Button Links On ZAP Kovan Faucet
  • Optimized Splash Page for Mobile
  • Update Wording and Descriptions
  • Bond Wizard Layout + Unbond UX Helpers
  • Added WalletConnect Option for The Desktop Login.
  • Removed Mobile Video and Replace It With a Static Image
  • Updated Roadmap Text
  • All Links Are Opened in New Tabs
  • Kovan Network Badge

In progress — In addition to the major features we outlined in our Beta 2.0 Launch Details article, we are working on countless minor bug fixes and enhancements.

  • New Mobile View Design in Figma
  • Add New Tokens to Metamask Automatically
  • Correct SVG Image Scaling
  • Add Delegate Bond Input
  • Fix Issue Displaying Large Numbers on Bond Display
  • Fix Issue of Token Wizard Being Stateless Upon Refresh
  • Allow Decimal Input on Endpoint Details Page Before Bonding Tokens
  • Fix Curve Axis Text Cut Off in Mobile View
  • Adjust Text Spacing on Bonding Page on Mobile View
  • Optimize List View for Mobile
  • Fix Sticky Scrolling on Dashboard for Mobile view
  • Allow Users to Add a Markdown and JSON File to the Token Curve
  • Remove Extra Space Between the Token Name and ‘to Mint’ or ‘to Burn’
  • Change Text for Approving Zap
  • Redis Cache for Faster Loading
  • Oracle Local Storage for Faster Loading

Feedback from the Zap community has been invaluable in the past few weeks. We appreciate all of your support and are excited to continue to improve Zap Protocol.

About Zap Protocol

Zap Protocol is a blockchain agnostic decentralized network providing access to data for smart contracts and other tokenized products and services. Credited with coining the term Bonding Curve, Zap Protocol also released the first live Mainnet Bonding Curve oracle platform in 2019. Zap Protocol works to ensure blockchain and DeFi is more accessible and easy to integrate into your everyday operations.

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Zap Protocol provides critical infrastructure built to power the next wave of decentralized applications. Users can swap tokens, earn rewards by validating oracle data feeds, and raise funds on customizable bonding curves on our platform.

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