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Zap Protocol on LunarCRUSH! Live Recap

ZAP’s Nick Spanos & Eric Manganaro joined LunarCRUSH Live! today to discuss the state of the Zap protocol and demo the drag-and-drop bonding curve creator which will be available after the Q1 release of the new interface. Nick and Eric also discussed how LunarCRUSH can use Zap Protocol to monetize their API’s!

Watch the video here:

Zap LunarCRUSH Metrics:

Zap Protocol’s bonding curve smart contracts give unparalleled control to users, allowing them to create pricing models that work best for the products or services they are providing. As well, each provider is given a custom generated widget which can be posted directly on their website, meaning they can offer their products and services directly to their consumers with Zap Protocol powering the backend.

Anyone can develop on this decentralized and open-source platform! We encourage you to join and contribute today!


We hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to join the Zap Protocol’s growing community using the links below:

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