Zeex — Crypto to Products — no Fiat, no Fees!

Hello World, we are the proud creators of the Zeex Protocol and we’re making a market for cryptocurrency and corporate currency on the blockchain to enable direct conversion of cryptocurrency to products - with no fiat and no fees.

With our platform anyone can instantly and simply exchange their cryptocurrency for goods and services and vice versa without the friction and frustration that runs rampant in the crypto world today.

The cryptocurrency space has myriad endemic issues, but one of the most persistent is conversion of crypto to product. Whenever a cryptocurrency user wants to actually purchase a product, they must navigate tremendous transactional friction to do so, and vendors also have significant expenses and concerns with accepting cryptocurrency. Even with popular avenues of payment like Bitpay, costs can be considerable partially due to conversion to fiat currency and partially due to transaction fees.

Most retailers, especially in the West, don’t accept cryptocurrencies at all and until now if you wanted to buy Nike shoes with your crypto, you would have to convert that to fiat currency first, potentially incurring not only capital gains taxes, but transaction and conversion fees as well. It’s frustrating and time consuming to do this, and companies that exist to ameliorate these concerns charge even more fees for that service.

Cryptocurrency is supposed to be exactly that, a currency, but with all these problems it’s just not cost effective to use it as such yet, especially considering the low liquidity and high volatility native to the cryptocurrency markets. From a retailer’s perspective, the company either has to accept the cryptocurrency and be willing to hold it and deal with the tax implications and value fluctuation implications of that, or pay for a service to instantly convert the cryptocurrency to fiat.

The Zeex Protocol solves this problem by seamlessly connecting cryptocurrency to corporate currency. Since corporate currency is not technically money, we can exchange it for cryptocurrency without passing through fiat by using ZIX ERC20 tokens as collateral in order to verify transactions in real time and eliminate fees. In layman’s terms, this means that with our token users can instantly buy and sell corporate currency (like a Starbucks gift card) on our platform. Not only that, using the ZIX token confers major benefits, from priority when supplies of a highly-desirable corporate currency are low to discounts ranging from 3%-30% on brands like Amazon, Nike, and 350 more!

The Zeex Protocol can work in reverse as well, so for instance, if someone received a gift card they don’t want but do want to buy Ether they can do so through the app. Just as quickly as you buy corporate currency, you can anonymously sell it for cryptocurrency, bypassing friction-heavy vendors like Coinbase or Coincorner. This can also be a major benefit for consumers whose banks limit their cryptocurrency purchases, as while certain providers restrict or even prevent cryptocurrency purchases, there are far fewer restrictions when it comes to purchasing gift cards.

The corporate currency space is a market that our sister company Zeek has already proven to be a success in. Zeek is a global leader in the gift card market, and using the existing business relationships and infrastructure from Zeek, we are pivoting to the cryptocurrency market.

Our goal is to realize the potential of cryptocurrency by enabling users to actually buy products and services. Until now, there hasn’t been a truly cost-effective method of doing this because of the immense transactional friction issue. Now that we’ve engineered the solution, Zeex is the simplest and cheapest way for cryptocurrency holders to spend their money in the real world.

Come learn how we can change the way you pay at www.Zeex.me