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Apr. 22-Apr. 28: The Korean War Coming To An End?

This week, the leaders of South Korea and North Korea met and shocked the world by vowing to formally end the 68 year long Korean War.

What Happened

(Image via: CNBC)

How We Got Here

This is a stunning turn of events. Yes, North and South Korea came together for the Winter Olympics, and yes, North Korea promised to freeze their nuclear program last week, but this was still not something that was thought of as probable, despite all of that. In fact, many were skeptical of both of these gestures at the time, and some are skeptical of this gesture.

What’s To Come

The next big mile marker is the North Korea-U.S. summit, which Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump agreed to last month. This comes after countless provocative North Korean missile tests, jabs at each other through the media, insults like “dotard” and “little rocket man”, and a public squabble about who sports the bigger nuclear button.



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