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‘Arrow’ Season Finale: A Lackluster Ending To A Fantastic Season

Season 5 was one of Arrow’s best seasons, which may have put too much pressure on the finale and led to a mediocre result.

After last season’s focus on Damien Darhk and all the goofy sorcery that came with it, this season provided a much needed return to Arrow’s earlier days. It was unexpected, as killing off Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance, who was one of the more interesting characters on the show, left many, including myself, frustrated. But, Arrow stormed back with a vengeance.

Prometheus proved to be a truly great villain to the Green Arrow, even if the Adrian Chase reveal was pretty obvious. (Have you noticed CW Arrowverse shows tend to reveal the secret identity of their villains to be somebody we’ve already met?) He rivaled Oliver Queen, until the very end, in a way that was reminiscent of The Joker and Batman in The Dark Knight, which I love.

Sidebar: All The Parallels Between This Finale and The Dark Knight

  1. Both villains have captured a loved one of the hero, a loved one few know the hero had.
  2. Both heroes confront the villain about their loved ones being kidnapped and beats them up while furiously screaming “where are they” multiple times.
  3. The villain has put both heroes in the identical “rock vs. hard place” scenario where they have to either break their personal code of not killing or save a large group of people from a rigged explosion.
  4. Both final confrontations take place with one of the two dangling over the edge of something (boat and building, respectively).
  5. Both villains were spawned as a response to the hero (and both heroes were millionaire playboys until a parent dies in front of them, sparking a life of vigilante justice).

Back To The Season Finale

Things That Annoyed Me:

  1. Including Captain Boomerang was pointless.
  2. The rapid transitions between Oliver on present-day Lian Yu and flashback Lian Yu. We get its meant as a comparison of Oliver’s growth, but it does both storylines no good and is a little annoying when you do it so much.
  3. More on the transition editing: the use of zooming in and out on objects/shapes as transitions was nifty the first few times, but becomes tacky when done in quick succession.
  4. Why couldn’t they have had Adrian in his bad-ass Prometheus gear at any point in the finale?
  5. Adrian seemed to already know that if the group managed to escape, they would try to use Adrian’s plane, so what exactly is the point of blowing up the entire island (other than to raise the danger level and give us that cool-but-not-really CGI explosion)?
  6. Also, you just know that everybody (including Malcolm) is not going to die from the explosion, so why bother?
  7. The problem with introducing The Flash to the Arrowverse is that whenever Team Arrow is put into a desperate situation, it feels stupid because that situation can be quickly solved (that’s a pun) by calling Barry.
  8. I have a hard time buying Oliver’s love for William. (Did William forget who Oliver is? That kid did not say a single word or show a single emotion.)

Things That I Enjoyed:

  1. The team of bad-asses, and in particular Slade Wilson.
  2. The banter between Oliver and Slade.
  3. I can’t think of anything else. I would have hated this finale had it not been for Slade Wilson.

What Could Season 6 Look Like?

Now that the five years leading up to Oliver’s return to Starling City has gone full circle, will we no longer have flashbacks? I kind of doubt it considering how prominently the show uses it (especially as a transition device, as mentioned earlier), but recent-past flashbacks could be cool.

While the finale left more to be desired, this season was fantastic and hopefully we get more of what made this season fun, minus Oliver and/or Felicity saying “can we have the room” every other episode. All I ask is that Thea Queen returns to relevancy.



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