Nov. 26-Dec. 2: The Views

The host of the most-watched morning show in America becomes the latest figure to fall from grace, and Marvel sets the record for the most-watched trailer of all-time.

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The Host of the Most-Watched Morning Show

The list continues to grow. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., and this week: Matt Lauer. The host of America’s most-watched morning show, NBC’s The Today Show, is the latest white man in a position of power to have his predatory sexual behavior brought out of the shadows. By now, we know how these stories play out: rumours about a powerful man being a sexual assaulter are confirmed to be true, the man releases a boilerplate apology, and suffers a few, mostly short-term, consequences.

Matt Lauer, after anchoring The Today Show for about 20 years, was fired, he released a meaningless statement that’s mostly just a formality, and will now fade away, until he possibly attempts a “comeback” in a few years. The most interesting thing about this particular case was a small detail in the reporting: Lauer had a button under his desk that could lock his office door. Did he use that to his advantage and against the women he “invited” to his office? Unfortunately, yes. Does this sound like a movie villain cliché? Also, yes.

Returning to the boilerplate apologies that these men have released, there is one good thing that has resulted from them all (besides exposing them, of course). Because of the sheer number of instances we’ve seen just this Fall, the repetition has highlighted just how meaningless these “apologetic” statements are. Thankfully, we have poet Isobel Hare, who has been editing out all the bullshit in them.

The Most Watched Movie Trailer of All-Time

You know which movie trailer I’m talking about. You’ve probably watched it multiple times by now. (If you don’t know or haven’t watched it, here it is:

The teaser trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is now the most-watched movie trailer of all time, a record it broke in 24 hours, and, as of writing this, has surpassed 62 million views.

Much of the reaction so far has been centered around two things: the very meme-able Thanos and Captain America’s beard. Other interesting moments were Spiderman’s upgraded suit and spidey sense, and a cameo by the Guardians of the Galaxy (and teenage Groot).

The biggest story surrounding the trailer was the announcement that preceded it, in which it was announced that Avengers: Infinity War, part 1 and part 2, will likely be the end of the current generation of heroes, as Marvel shifts to focus on new ones, such as Spiderman, who was introduced this year, Black Panther, whose solo film is up next, and Captain Marvel, who is allegedly going to make her debut in Avengers: Infinity War. That being said, don’t be too sad because Captain America and company will still be assembling a few more times before then.