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Sept. 3-Sept. 9: Welcome, September

The spectacle that is the NFL returns just in time to distract you from its rot, ‘It’ reinforces our fear of clowns, and new music from ODESZA.

Welcome to the Zeitgeist Chronicle. Every week we catch you up on the past week’s most interesting pop culture and news events. Sometimes it’ll be what everybody’s talking about, other times it may be something we’d like to bring attention to. The goal of this is keep you informed enough to be able to have a conversation about any of these current events. This week:

The NFL Returns, Just In Time To Distract You From The Rot

(Image via: Reuters)

These were some of the biggest stories involving the NFL this summer: Colin Kaepernick is being “blackballed”, Ezekiel Elliot’s domestic abuse situation, and more scientific studies linking playing tackle football to CTE. It was not a good summer for the NFL. The only glimpse of light was J.J. Watt’s incredible Hurricane Harvey relief effort, which has now passed $20 million.

But all of that is in the past now, because football is back. That’s what the NFL hopes, at least. The timing couldn’t have been much better for the league, as this week began with news breaking that Seahawks Pro-Bowl DE Michael Bennett had an encounter with Vegas police, in which excessive force was used for no apparent reason other than “being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time”, according to Bennett.

Just as that story started to gain momentum, however, the regular season began, and now NFL discussions have moved on the Patriots’ shocking loss to the Chiefs. Although, a day later, news broke that Ezekiel Elliot’s 6-game suspension was overruled by a judge, making the NFL look horrible, again, and adds to the list of Roger Goodell player conduct mishandlings.

1-Minute Movie Preview: “It”

Did Stephen King know about our fear of clowns or is his novel — titled It — the origin of that fear? Regardless, this adaptation. which is now in theaters, looks like it’s going to be one of the year’s best horror films.

It also looks like it’s resonating with the culture, inspiring at least one red-balloon prank that ended up scaring (a lot) more people than was intended.

I’ve never been one to find clowns scary, but It looks like it may change that. A surface-level analysis of the film — I have neither watched the film nor read the novel— leads me to think that it gets the atmosphere right, starting with the title’s use of “it” — a pronoun reserved for objects — to refer to a humanoid.

1-Minute Album Review: “A Moment Apart”, ODESZA

How would I describe ODESZA’s music? It would be a disservice to categorize it under any one genre, so the best description of what ODESZA sounds like is that it sounds like a cool spring breeze. It’s refreshing, it’s peaceful, and it feels like it can take you away if you let it.

That was how their previous album, In Return, sounded, and I was expecting their new album, A Moment Apart, to be different, as the first two singles lacked the chimes that were pervasive in their previous album, but after listening to the new album, I’m happy to report that ODESZA still sounds like ODESZA.

The first two singles are still my favorite tracks on the album — “Late Night” was first on my list of underrated songs of this summer — although that’s really a compliment to those tracks and not a critique of the album. Overall, A Moment Apart will only disappoint you if you love “Late Night” as much as I do, and even then, it’s a good listen from beginning to end.



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