4thpillar Technologies | Interview with Branko Parazajda Naton HR, managing director

Introduction to 4thtech — Blockchain technology proposes the ideal foundation to simplify digital value-holding file and documents exchange. To address this issue in 2017, 4thpillar technologies (i.e. 4thtech), proposed and later developed a safe, fast cross DLT blockchain-based solution, which leverages trust provided by the blockchain and provides secure, immutable, instant cross-border electronic data and document exchange (i.e. FOURdx). To provide an option for blockchain address ownership verification, the identification mechanism (i.e. FOURid) later was constructed in 2018, which can authenticate verified connection between a blockchain wallet and a person. Notarisation Service (i.e. FOURns) is also an essential part of the 4thtech ecosystem and provides unique digital data or document timestamp and authenticity verification.

Video interview — Mr. Branko Parazajda is the managing director of the third biggest human resource agency in Slovenia, Naton d.o.o. Watch his video interview, where he shares his expert views regarding the important role FOURdx, eDelivery document exchange. He discloses the possible monthly savings of digital sensitive document exchange on a model of 1000 employees.

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4thpillar Technologies (i.e. 4thTech)


4thTech is the next-gen multi-blockchain ecosystem, platform, cryptocurrency, and a suite of decentralized applications that enable users to exchange data files and instant messages from wallet to wallet in a secure and decentralized manner.