Week 10 Blogpost on Reading

“Software as a co-creator in Interactive Documentary”

Lizzie —

This week’s reading emphasises the important of collaborative practice, both in terms of networked media (ie: software) but the media scene (eg: documentaries, facebook, twitter, instagram) as a whole. This is also connected via the persuasive form of documentary culture with a focus on contemporary society. These ideologies of programming and code are heavily linked into all aspects of the media scene, as described in the reading.

Software, as discussed, is designed to open up new markets in the media world — the more software that is made, the more opportunities that arise from this (ie: more applications that can be created or more ideas for platforms such as intsagram and facebook). These are heavily linked to the ideas of affordances and the relationship between item and use (eg: computers and spellcheck). Software is also important for the layout of a website, for example, the connection between hyperlinks, text and home page all connect together through the interweb. For example, in documentaries — they challenge the designer through not only videography but the connection between the software and the wider media community.

Michael —

In terms of affordance the reading would have that the software landscape has changed from being neutral tools to being something of imperative and expression. In other words software affords programmers to express themselves and their ideas in new and exciting ways and also affords the rest of society integral services that optimising and make more efficient every day tasks. Software offers all sorts of opportunities for its users, for example when browsing youtube our web browser affords us to save a page for later viewing and when looking at a video on facebook it allows us to ‘share’ the video into our own network of connections and consumers. Certain software affordances have become so common place that they have changed the way we think and make assumptions about things. For example the ‘sharing’ feature on facebook is something that exists accross most online media now and we would automatically assume that if we are consuming some kind of online media there is going to exist a ‘share’ function in the software.

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