10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Switzerland

First. The most prominent and reliable banking system (also famous for its privacy policy).

Second. The world’s best milk chocolate (if you disagree, then you haven’t tasted it).

Third. Delicious Swiss cheese (>450 varieties).

Fourth. The most precise watches (dominating the watchmaking industry).

Fifth. Swiss Alps (and ski resorts).

Sixth. Lakes (Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich, Lake Neuchatel. Many of them).

Seventh. Music festivals (ranging from Classical to rock).

Eighth. Zurich (one the most desirable cities in the world is the pride of Switzerland).

Ninth. Ecology (fewer harmful emissions, no incineration plants, etc.).

Tenth, and the most significant. The Abyss Token Sale (DAICO).

We decided it would be the best option in all respects. Swirtzerland is now moving towards building the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic ecosystem, fostering the development of pioneering digital technologies.

Therefore, on January 18, 2018, we incorporated The Abyss GmbH in Gartenstrasse 4, 6300 Zug — a legal body to conduct Token Sale (DAICO) — in Switzerland.

With your contributions stored on Smart Contract in the world’s leading financial centre, you may feel absolutely secure.

Join The Abyss, the world’s first DAICO!