Airdrop Webpage Premiere — OKEx Voting

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Hey guys! The Abyss digital distribution game platform is running regular Airdrop campaigns, aimed at building an informed and engaged community that has a stake in the future success of the project.

We have developed and launched the dedicated Airdrop landing webpage where you can learn more about our current giveaways and join them with a single click. All you need to do is to:

  • Choose any campaign, which is currently in progress, and press the Start button;
  • Read the conditions;
  • Follow the instructions to complete the steps;
  • Wait until the end of the campaign and get your reward.

You can participate in several campaigns if you wish. There are no limits for that.

The Airdrop is the first run of a large-scale motivational program that will be available on The Abyss. Participants will be rewarded with ABYSS tokens, virtual achievements and other prizes. We will also reward users for actions made by the friends they have encouraged to participate in our giveaways.

AIrdrop webpage:

As of now, you are already welcome to join the ongoing OKEx exchange voting contest, and help our project to get listed! Complete easy steps to receive up to 50 ABYSS airdrop.

The rewards will be distributed on Sept 19, 2018, following the end of the OKEx campaign on Sept 5, 2018.

And one more thing…

We have adjusted an Airdrop webpage for mobile devices for your comfort. More details and campaigns will follow. Stay tuned for updates!


The Abyss Team

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