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Well, well, well. Just look what we’ve got here today. A stunning game and a great title featuring, everything to outshine many of the market top players. We’re super excited to bring the horror-survival Jaws of Extinction to The Abyss. Hands already shaken, agreements are signed with KYE Creations, the game’s developer.

Jaws of Extinction (also known as JoE) is a promising project and we have a strong feeling it will rock the industry. The Abyss will be the first platform to provide access to the game, offering our users an exclusive opportunity to become early adopters. Pre-orders and other exclusives are now available with Early Bird 40% discount.

Оne more thing — by purchasing the special Jaws of Extinction: The Abyss Edition your characters will also receive the legendary The Abyss-branded sports jacket, which is exclusively available on our platform. Intrigued? Check out JoE: The Abyss Edition details for more information below.

The Abyss sports jacket

Who are KYE Creations?

Based in the UK, KYE Creations is a team of some of the most talented professionals in their fields, who are dedicated to perfecting each and every aspect of Jaws of Extinction. From handcrafted environments and landscapes to rich, in depth and compelling storytelling from custom made props, weapons, vehicles and detailed player building pieces to beautiful bespoke music, the team strive daily to make JoE the survival game the genre has been begging for since the start.

Description and key features

Developed by a talented and creative team, Jaws of Extinction is a story-driven single player and/or multiplayer, open-world sandbox, horror-survival game featuring all the popular elements of the genre.

The story begins on a large (66.95 km2) island known as Eden-Nadir, a place renowned for its beauty and thriving wildlife, where many of the population have either already packed up and left, or are a bit too dead to care. The main objective is to find a place to call home, gear up by looting, scavenging and crafting and ultimately survive.

Numerous secrets are concealed within the island that players uncover while battling against terrifying infected locals, the military, the island’s wildlife, forces of nature and other players. JoE is the kind of game where everything one does will have an effect on characters, affecting their relationships and decisions they make whilst trying to survive.

Key features:

  • Huge, atmospheric, open-world with a realistic sandbox environment. From busy towns and outposts to scenic, sun-dappled woodlands and misty, haunting marshlands. All hand crafted using pure imagination.
  • An immersive original story that can be followed by a single player or a server of 30+ players.
  • Numerous characters with a wide range of skills using an intelligent, intuitive upgrade system.
  • Scavenge resources that can be used to craft, upgrade and customise a plethora of ranged and melee weapons, armour and vehicles.
  • A large range of vehicle types, from ATV, boats & choppers to armoured transport and horseback.
  • UI inspired by popular games such as: Witcher 3, State of Decay and Fallout 4.
  • A huge range of wild and domesticated animals that can be hunted, tamed or used as for surveillance. Just beware of animals defending their territory if you enter uninvited.
  • Mutated by a genetically engineered cure for the human condition, the infected now roam the once heavily populated lands of Eden-Nadir.
  • A vital system which is detailed but not arduous. Become a strong survivor by carefully managing your supplies to stay fit and healthy.
  • Gather everything you need from the world around you. Harvest any shrubs, mushrooms, trees, or trash you think will be useful.
  • Use farming plots to grow your own resources. Keep them well maintained and you’ll have your own reliable access to the plants you need most.
  • Maximise your options with the climbing and vaulting system. Make the environment work for you to get a tactical edge or find smart new routes to avoid danger.
  • Fight dangerous human NPCs, such as “Military”, “Mercenary” and “Rogue Survivor” groups all vying for control. Use specialist equipment, stealth, the environment, or whatever else it takes to survive these encounters.
  • Trade with (questionably) friendly NPCs in safe zones and sometimes in the wild. Find out what they want to get access to items you need most.
  • Claim buildings to get a piece of Eden-Nadir for yourself. Work shoulder to shoulder with safe zone communities to gain their trust and earn permits to claim essential buildings as your own.
  • Build your own base from scratch. Use the full range of construction tools to build your own structures, defences and bases.

Jaws of Extinction is the game with influences from horror movies, graphic novels and pure imagination, that brings a completely new experience and a new spin on the over-saturated zombie sandbox survival genre.

JoE: The Abyss Edition

The game is already available for purchase! Pre-order now with ABYSS tokens and save 70% off the initial price!

A 70% discount if paid in ABYSS tokens

By purchasing a special Jaws of Extinction: The Abyss Edition through our platform, not only will you get a copy of the game, but you’ll also receive the exclusive “Made in The Abyss” outfit. This will be compatible with the story protagonists and your custom multiplayer characters.

The standard version of the game includes:

  • Digital copy of the game
  • Exclusive “Made in The Abyss” outfit (male and female character apparel package)
Jaws of Extinction: The Abyss Edition
The Abyss sports jackets for male and female characters
T-shirts with The Abyss logo

However, that’s not all! Also introducing two special versions of The Abyss Edition which are also available!

By purchasing the “Devils of The Abyss” edition of Jaws of Extinction you will get:

  • Digital copy of the game
  • Exclusive “Made in The Abyss” outfit (male and female character apparel package)
  • Valkyrie male and female character apparel package
  • Valkyrie collector’s edition chrome and brass chopper skin
Devils of The Abyss Edition

You can also purchase The “Angels of The Abyss” edition of Jaws of Extinction to receive:

  • Digital copy of the game
  • Exclusive “Made in The Abyss” outfit (male and female character apparel package)
  • Valkyrie male and female character apparel package
  • Valkyrie collector’s edition chrome and brass chopper skin
  • The World’s End season pass
Angels of The Abyss Edition

The World’s End season pass will give you access to all three planned world and story expansions — extending the main storyline, with additional characters and quests, to continue the story of Jaws of Extinction. In addition to the island of Eden-Nadir, World’s End Expansions will bring a new part to the world; “The Mainland”, a massive city the size of New York.

Choose any version you like and pre-order the game now to be among the first to explore Jaws of Extinction on The Abyss platform.

Stay tuned for more info!


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