Beware of Phishing Websites and Token Sale Scammers!

Even experienced Token Sale contributors may fall victims of scammers.

The Abyss Team is aimed to inform the project’s contributors of most common dangers related to token sales, that may result in the loss of digital funds.

Wallet phishing websites

The first danger are the phishing websites. Messages containing links to such portals are widely shared on the internet. Phishing websites usually look similar to popular wallet sites (f.e. MyEtherWallet and others). But clicking these links will bring you to a fraud website, which steals your personal info, once you have used your private key there.

Fake token sale sites

The second danger are the fake “twin” token sale websites. This point relates to the previous one. Fake token sale sites also have identical design with the original token sale sites, but the addresses are slightly changed. These minor changes are almost imperceptible to users.

Social media scammers

Scammers spread in social media at a terrifying speed. They use Twitter, Facebook and Telegram to send fraud messages on behalf of channel/group administrators, persuading users to become participants of fake token sales and send transactions to the provided addresses.


Thousands of them globally. Hackers haunt and attack token sale projects obtaining access to social media and e-mail accounts. On doing this, they start sending out messages and spoofed e-mails to a community list which look official and urge funds to be sent to their crypto wallet.

We appeal to the vast The Abyss community which has thousands of registered users and social media followers:

  • Be extremely careful with the messages you receive from unknown senders, claiming to be a part of our team;
  • Pay attention to the links they share and never visit these websites;
  • Always double check if the website you are about to visit has correct address. If not sure, enter it manually;
  • Also, we received some reports about fake MyEtherWallet app on Google Play. It is said to steal your personal data and keys. Be aware and check your app before using!

Please note, that The Abyss Team will NEVER ask you for private ETH transfer or ask your personal data! We’ll NEVER share any ETH adresses for contribution in our social media and via e-mails.

The one and the only address for ETH transfer will be at the site (always check that you are on site, not its phishing copy) before Token Sale (DAICO) starts on March 7, 2018!

We also recommend using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) whenever possible, and in your personal account on The Abyss as well.

The Abyss Team despises scam and bans every suspicious user, that shows any sign of a scammer.


The Abyss Team