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Jul 25 · 4 min read

We know that you enjoy playing exciting new games, so here’s another one for you! Please, welcome Grimshade — a party-based RPG, developed by Talerock Studio and published by Asterion Games. In 2018, supported by 1000+ backers, the team raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter. As a result, we have the opportunity to bring this marvellous game experience to The Abyss players. The game will emerge on The Abyss within a month.

Grimshade is the story of a company of heroes, by the will of fate drawn into the cycle of events unfolding in the world of Ree’fah. High city walls no longer protect residents from the attacks of creepy monsters that live in the surrounding forests. The fearsome army of the neighbouring kingdom suddenly landed on the outskirts of the city, spreading panic and terror. There is no hope of salvation — the forces of the defenders are running out, and the king and his loyal champions have disappeared.

Series of unexpected events and odd coincidences force people to act. Get together with each of the heroes and unite them — entirely different, sometimes bizarre and frightening, with their own motives, but one purpose for all — to find out the real causes of what happened to them.

Lead the group of the adventurers on a journey and explore a varied and intricate world, meet new characters and reveal plot-related secrets. Remember, beauty is deceptive — danger lurks everywhere. Test your skills in challenging turn-based battles, adjusting your combat tactics and optimal team combinations for each foe you met on the way.

Key features:

  • Seven memorable characters: Kiba, the dark child, Charlie, the talking sniper badger, Alister, the brave guy with an Ether gauntlet, and Ruby, the princess of the thieves. Each of them has their role (sometimes more than one) on the battlefield and their own mission on a big journey;
  • Character development system which is based on equipment: each piece of armour, weapon or accessory gives a unique skill to a particular hero, expanding their range of attack types and defensive boosts. Find, trade for, or craft new equipment to improve your characters and make them versatile and adaptable;
  • Complex tactical turn-based battles: a variety of elaborate enemies won’t let you complete the whole game using a single tactic or invincible team build. Choose wisely the squad you take in a fight — proper positioning and awareness are essential to your success struggling against powerful foes;
  • The vivid and diverse world of Ree’fah: immerse yourself in the hand-painted fantasy universe of Grimshade and discover an impressive history in 20+ hours of an exciting journey.

The game was inspired by classic RPGs and JRPGs of the past, and on the one hand it includes an inseparable element of this genre — a tactical turn-based combat, and on the other hand, the game represents the modern era of gaming with its grim war story and personal choices.

Add Grimshade to your wishlist and be ready to play it on The Abyss! Don’t miss the adventure of your life and be sure to subscribe to our news channels to be aware of other incredible games coming out on the platform!


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The Abyss is the first platform where gamers can play games, socialize and get rewarded. We offer MMO/MMORPG games and share a part of our revenue with gamers. Come to The Abyss and earn from an advanced referral system, gaming achievements and other activities! For more information on the platform visit official website.

About Talerock Studio
Talerock is a young indie studio that creates PC and console games since January 2017. Although Grimshade is the first project of the team, many of their employees have significant professional experience in the gaming industry.

All people at Talerock Studio believe that games are part of modern culture. And great games along with movies, books and music influence each of us and help make this world a little bit better.

About Asterion Games
The publisher of Mittelborg: the City of Mages and the board game Deus lo Vult, Asterion Games is the parent company of Talerock Studio. They are looking for cool indie projects that stand out from the crowd, and help them reach new horizons. You can find the latest information on their official website.

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