How To Refund Contribution Made on April 16, 2018

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We can not emphasize much how grateful we are to you for putting trust in our project. Sometimes things don’t go exactly as we want them to. We’ve done the best to sort things out.

First, The Abyss engineering team has fixed all the issues within a smart contract, that led to this situation. Fixed bugs uploaded on Github for your consideration.

Second, you will be provided an opportunity to participate in the Token Sale (DAICO) — either with funds you already sent or with a new pledge.

Besides, all participants that have sent transactions to our previous smart contract address on April 16, 2018, will have a possibility to get the entire refund (commission for transaction not included).

Your money is 100% safe and is stored on the smart contract. The refund will be available on May 17, 2018, with funds returned to the ETH wallet you have contributed with. Without access to this wallet, the refund will be impossible.

Those who wait for refund but still want to participate in our Token Sale on April 18, 2018, will have 2 options:

1) You can participate in Token Sale with a new pledge (ETH amount).
2) If you don’t have extra ETH, you can wait till May 17, 2018, and we will give you an ability to get tokens for the same amount of ETH that was sent with same bonuses as you had on April 16, 2018. All this will be processed manually, and will take some time after the refund. Hope for your patience and understanding.

Step 1. Refunding your ETH


1) Refund will be available on May 17, 2018.
2) After this date, send a zero value transaction from your wallet (same wallet that was used on April 16, 2018) with the following parameters:

Funds Contract address: 0xE4972421F88c1f47986F54cbfd2D1E2e671680AC
Amount to send: 0
Gas limit: 200000
Data (Mandatory field): 0xff01ffa8

3) The smart contract will destroy your old ABYSS tokens.
4) You will receive your ETH back from the smart contract to your wallet (after the transaction is confirmed).


1) Refund will be available on May 17, 2018.
2) The smart contract will destroy your old ABYSS tokens.
3) Receive your ETH back from the smart contract to your wallet automatically.

Step 2. Getting your ABYSS tokens

Available only for those who sent ETH to the old smart contract address and after passing Step 1 of this instruction.

  1. Send your ETH to:
Funds Withdraw wallet: 0xE45f9c10F3E4647AC922b0128e688e8E1F220f5F

Please note: you should send exactly the same amount of ETH that was frozen on the old smart contract, otherwise we will return your money.

2) ABYSS tokens will be sent to you manually after they get unlocked. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the exact dates yet.

Please fill this form:

We really do apologize for the inconveniences you are experiencing, due to the mistake we have committed. We really wanted the Token Sale to go live on time it was previously planned for, and had to stop it with a heavy heart. We regret this situation, and we’ll never let that happen again.


Q: Why May 17, 2018?
A: Because the Refund can not be forced manually and the Smart Contract should end the Crowdsale first. After the Crowdsale ends the Smart Contract will switch to refund mode.

Q: I’ve sent ETH from an exchange wallet. What’s next?
A: You need to contact the exchange directly and ask them to make a refund to you and return your ETH. Never send your ETH from an exchange wallet or any wallet where you don’t control private keys to smart contracts again.


The Abyss Team

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