Interview with Stanislav Kuzin, VP of Platform Development

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The Аbyss Team
Jul 26, 2018 · 5 min read
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The Abyss continues publishing interviews to introduce core team to you, giving you an idea of what they do and who they are. In the interview below we introduce Stanislav Kuzin, VP of Platform Development.

Q: Stanislav, what activities you’ve been involved in, prior to joining The Abyss?

Stanislav Kuzin (S.K.): Back in late 1990s I was running my own business. It was the time of “dotcom” and internet frenzy. My first company — XA Communications — was a dial-up connection internet provider, competing with the local market leaders. In 2001, I joined forces with some other enthusiasts to build even larger telecoms business. As a result, XA Communications was rebranded into Grand Prix Telecom, the company that still exists, with 17+ of experience in internet services at the moment. In 2006, together with Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky (founder of The Abyss) we’ve launched our own online dating service. However, this project, that was developed from a scratch, was not successful enough due to a tough competition on the market. Between 2007 and 2017 I’ve been working for two large international IT companies (Acronis and Social Discovery Ventures) at various positions from Project Manager and Head of Web Development to Head of Project Office and Deputy CTO. In 2018, I accepted Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky’s invitation to become the head of The Abyss development team, and joined the company.

Q: What was so exciting about The Abyss for you?

S.K.: I was impressed with its great ambitions. It was a challenge. A challenge of creating something stunning and new by applying all my skills and expertise obtained throughout my career. The Abyss is an advanced versatile project, combining video games, blockchain, cloud technologies, digital marketing, etc. So I took this challenge and I’m happy to be a part of it.

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Q: What is your current role in the company?

S.K.: As a Vice-President of Platform Development, I’m responsible for building a strong team of developers that will deliver the technical part of The Abyss. I’m in charge of running and securing control of all development-related processes. In addition to administrative skills, the VP position requires coaching and mentor skills, and I’m always glad to share knowledge and expertise with my team members.

Q: Are you a gamer? What games did you use to play?

S.K.: Actually, I was a gamer. In late 1990s and early 2000s I got addicted to Quake 3 and other FPSs. All my free time was dedicated to playing these games. Later I switched to Lineage2 for a couple of years, and over a certain time period have become a clan leader with about 300 members. I still remember those sleepless nights spent playing Lineage2.

Q: What games would you like to see at The Abyss platform?

S.K.: RPGs. These are my favourites, because they provide an ultimate and unique gamer experience and an opportunity to live in a digital world. Additionally, clan leaders are practicing and upgrading their leadership skills while playing. That is why I want to see as many RPGs as possible on The Abyss.

Q: What is so special about The Abyss game platform in your opinion?

S.K.: The Abyss is addressing the gamers’ demands at its finest. The project’s development team consists of gamers that know what other gamers need. And so we act and work accordingly. The Abyss will be a game platform created by and for gamers, capable of winning millions of hearts globally.

Q: And what about winning the market?

S.K.: In a few years The Abyss will outshine Steam in terms of functionality and design. And this moment is even closer than it seems to be. Just recently, we have presented the pre-alpha version of The Abyss. This was a huge step towards revolutionizing the video game industry.

Q: Can you recall the most rewarding moment for you in The Abyss?

S.K.: Well, definitely it was the day when we have finally launched the DAICO. It was a long way full of technical and other challenges. However, after overcoming all issues, on April 18 we secured a smooth launch of token sale. And another brightest moment was when we reached the project’s Soft Cap in just 24 hours from the start. That is also the day to remember.

Q: And which moment was the toughest?

S.K.: It is still ongoing, as we’re working on improvements to the recently released pre-alpha version. The current work is really intense for the entire team, but the result will justify the means.

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Q: What inspires you most in your everyday work?

S.K.: My team and its everyday progress. We’re scouting professionals only, and each team member has passed a rigorous selection process. So, I’m a captain of a real dream team working on a unique project. This is motivator to wake up every day in the morning.

Q: Who has made the greatest impression on you? The one you would like to be compared to.

S.K.: This person is not public or globally famous. His name is Pavel Grachev, a master-mind, an IT genius and a talented CTO with whom I’ve worked hand in hand for many years in Social Discovery Ventures. He is the one I’ve learned from, and I’m very proud to be his friend.

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