Interview with Stepan Leshchenko, an Art Director

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Aug 15, 2018 · 5 min read

The Abyss continues publishing interviews to introduce core team members, giving you an idea of what they do and who they are. In the interview below we introduce Stepan Leshchenko, an Art Director.

Q: Stepan, what projects you’ve been engaged in, prior to joining The Abyss?

Stepan Leshchenko (S.L.): I have quite vast experience. I used to be a freelance designer and a web-developer. For a certain time period, I’ve been doing street art (graffiti). Later I worked as graphic designer for a digital PR agency and, soon after it, as an art director for advertising startup specializing on traffic advert, which I’ve left for The Abyss. I came up to the position of a designer and have worked my way up to the position of an art director.

Q: What influenced your choice in joining The Abyss?

S.L.: Working for IT or video game company used to be my dream for years. I’ve been constantly upgrading my designer skills, and finally proved ready for such a big and complex project.

Q: What are your current responsibilities in the company?

S.L.: I’m responsible for creating all artworks, from videos and web design to presentations and advertising materials, etc. Me and my team are delivering materials highly creative, of high quality and definitely on time. Currently, I’ve got a team comprising 5 members (designers, illustrators, UI/UX specialists and web-designers) at my command. I’m also in charge of planning, controlling and approving their work.

Q: Are you a gamer? What games did you use to play?

S.L.: I am a devoted gamer actually. Since the start of a smartphone era, mobile games used to be my passion, occupying much of my free time. I got addicted to playing mobile games on my way to work. The thing is, when you play 10 or 15 minutes and you don’t even notice that. However, in fact, there can be hours spent on playing every day.

I’ve been playing video games since childhood, back in 1990s, and my favorites were RTSs. During my college years, I’ve used to play Counter Strike and Half Life 2 with my friends. We’ve held tournaments after computer science classes. That was so cool. By now, I’m back to playing RTSs and mobile, and sometimes FPS games.

Q: What games would you like to see at The Abyss platform?

S.L.: The Abyss will be a home for games of all types. As for my choice, I would love to see the X-Com game series on our platform. It is really amazing. Apart from that, I hope there would be lots of MMOs on The Abyss.

Q: What about your own games?

S.L.: Yes, definitely. The games I currently rather work on indie segment.

Q: So you are a potential developer for The Abyss?

S.L.: Well, maybe. I dream of developing a game of my own. This used to be my dream after the first game I’ve played. When I have free time, I dedicate it to the game development process. To say the truth, I joined The Abyss aiming at becoming a developer, publisher or a producer someday.

Q: What is so special about The Abyss game platform in your opinion?

S.L.: It will simplify the whole process of playing and creating video games. It provides earning opportunities, social features, and offers the advantages of digital currencies, which have no ties to financial institutions. The Abyss contributes to the development of the global video game industry. Other platforms are targeted at selling games and increasing their incomes, while our goal is to attract gamers to game projects and to establish the engaged game community across the globe. The Abyss is aiming at having the smoother processes of creating and distributing of games for developers, more and better games it and stronger community. This is the formula of success.

Q: What The Abyss may evolve to in years to come?

S.L.: I hope it wouldn’t be limited to games distribution only, but will also offer movies, music, books and other content to its customers. In this case, it will open new horizons to small-size independent studios. In fact, The Abyss can become a large entertainment content distribution platform, which is far more than just a game platform.

Q: Can you recall the most rewarding and the toughest moments for you in The Abyss?

S.L.: The start of DAICO was the most exciting moment, no doubt. Actually, I can not recall the toughest moment, because I take all challenges as they come. The problem may be tough but it must be solved by any means. Nothing is impossible for The Abyss Team. This is our credo and the way we are working.

Q: What inspires you most in your everyday work?

S.L.: I’m inspired and motivated by my fellow team members. I want to create an amazing product working hand in hand with them, and to help each of them reach their potential in favor of the project. I want them to think and act smart and creative. Developing a team of true professionals will be a level-up for me, in terms of my growth.

Q: Who’s the one you would like to be associated or compared to?

S.L.: My dad is the my role model and whom would love to be compared to. He is a self-made man, skilled in achieving the best results and i am I’m still learning from him. In general, there are lots of people on Earth possessing certain skills I would also love to command.

Q: Who’s your favorite game character, and why?

S.L.: Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley from Call of Duty game series. Why? Oh, c’mon. He’s just cool.

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