Introducing The Abyss Desktop App and the First Client Game

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The Аbyss Team
The Abyss Platform


News alert! In late-March we’ve launched The Abyss platform MVP, which works perfectly on PC and looks amazing on numerous mobile devices including phones and tablets. Today, we’re making another step forward. So pleased to reveal the desktop client, an awesome Windows OS app that runs outside the browser and offers quick-and-easy way of exploring the platform.

Already available for download on the official website!

The app is your gateway to all the things The Abyss delivers. It supports all of the current web functionality and can work as a full replacement for the browser version letting you effortlessly access games, user account, referral system and other features in one place! It is designed for all Windows OS versions officially supported by the producer.

Discover new adventures

The app is surely the best place to get all games currently available on the platform. The browser games we have released with the MVP are easily accessible so you can quickly jump in and start playing. With The Abyss desktop client you don’t even need a browser to play your favorite browser games. You will also find here the most exciting and dynamic client games.

Proudly presenting our first one!

Say “hi” to Will To Live Online by AlphaSoft studio!

Currently in early access, Will To Live is an adorable MMORPG-shooter with elements of survival and a story set in wastelands of a large post-apocalyptic world. This atmospheric universe contains a great amount of game content, designed for many hours of gameplay.

The game offers various spheres of activity: in-game economics, trading, crafting and construction opportunities, fractions and clans, raids against monsters, etc. Great attention is paid to the world history through 120+ of questlines which take over 80 hours for completion. At the moment Will To Live includes 18 locations with different types of territory: wastelands, abandoned villages, forests, mines, caves, bogs and military facilities.

Up to four characters of different classes are available, each of them having the unique characteristics, game style, weapons, equipment and additional accessories. Hunger and thirst keep them constantly moving, while it is also important to be attentive and watch every step.

Will To Live provides a total immersion to the game process. Explore the world and its history, complete quests, fight monsters and other survivors, obtain resources, hunt, cook and collect, trade and find new friends or mortal enemies.

Purchase the game directly from the app and you’re only a few clicks away from your next big adventure!

And now, let’s dive down into technology details.

Install with a single click

The Abyss app is designed for a convenient usage. That is why we have adopted an innovative One-Click Silent Installation technology allowing to install the app in just a few seconds with a single click.

Stay up to date

Not only will the games automatically update. The app itself immediately transforms when the new functionality, content, elements and features are launched. It is based on the Real-Time Web interface technology which keeps it always updated to the latest version, so you’ll never miss out on what’s new at The Abyss.

This technology has not been used by any other developer of similar products. The Real-Time Web interface allows to build applications for various operating systems with little or no additional modifications needed.

Other technology features

The app is built on a widely known single page principle. However, to boost further efficiency and improve usability, we have developed and introduced lots of other technology features. Some of these are:

  • Form Engine supporting 11 types of elements that can be dynamically combined;
  • Loading Acceleration Mechanism which merges images into sprites at the build stage providing the speed gain up to 2 times;
  • The System for user cache monitoring reduces traffic volume and useless uploads on storages by tens and hundreds times;
  • Web games support, including those requiring HTML5 and/or Adobe Flash Player;
  • Technical requirements for hardware resources significantly reduced compared to the previous version, enabling faster operation even on slow computers;
  • Interface language selection is based on the system language;
  • Authorization data, the position and size of the window are saved after the app is relaunched;
  • Built-in API for client/web interface interaction;
  • Built-in support for popular graphic, audio/video codecs;
  • Built-in Adobe Flash Player and own CDN storage;
  • Built-in SDK for developers;
  • Games/updates download process on display;
  • Installation directory selection for each game;
  • Easily customizable profile (nicknames, avatars, age, sex selection, etc.);
  • Referral statistics;
  • Token balance and transaction history;
  • Token/fiat payments support.

Ain’t that impressive? It surely is. And there are even many more features not visible to users, making The Abyss experience so great. It is a delightful moment to celebrate.

The team is in the process of developing and adding more features and games. Further improvements and updates will be introduced in future versions of The Abyss desktop app. As always, we will keep you up to date with the development process twice per month.

Give it a try now!

More is yet to come. Stay tuned for our great news!


The Abyss Team



The Аbyss Team
The Abyss Platform

We're working hard to bring you The Abyss digital distribution platform and enjoying it!