Less Than 12 Hours Away From The World’s First DAICO

Dear friends, we count down the last hours till The Abyss Token Sale that will become the world’s first DAICO.

Now that we are entering the finish line, we would like to introduce the recent updates, related to our project:

  • The renewed DAICO smart contract has been audited by two independent agencies, New Alchemy (“The smart contract audit did not discover any issues of critical severity”) and Oceanico (“No critical issues found”).
  • As promised, we’re setting a course for ETH and BNB tokens. The price is fixed and will remain unchanged till the end of a crowdsale:
    1 ETH = 6500 ABYSS
    1 BNB = 169 ABYSS

    Soft Сap: 6M USD (11 538 ETH)
    Hard Сap: 18M USD (34 615 ETH)
  • Safety and transparency are above all, and for this reason our wallets are strictly secured with multisignature. Following the principles of openness that used to drive our work, we are now revealing the list of wallets addresses to deliver maximum information about what we are doing:
    BNB wallet (Multisig 3/5)
    Referral wallet (Multisig 3/5)
    Advisors wallet (Multisig 3/5)
    Bounty wallet (Multisig 3/5)
    Foundation wallet (Multisig 3/5)
    Company wallet (Multisig 3/5)
    Reserve wallet (Multisig 3/5)
    Funds Withdraw wallet (Multisig 5/7)
  • Token Sale contributors that registered before Feb 7, will receive a 3% bonus for their first contribution. Others will have to answer the quiz using our Telegram Bot to enjoy this bonus. Quiz will be available after KYC/AML and whitelisting through Telegram Bot are complete. You will find the quiz and whitelisting links in your dashboard on The Abyss.
  • Our Maltese legal team has made final minor corrections to the Whitepaper to ensure everything is fine. The document is available on our website. All other translations are temporarily removed until they match the English version perfectly.

We’re looking forward to conducting the most safe, transparent and legally compliant Token Sale. Significant efforts have been made in this respect.

Thanks to all our supporters and believers! And see you at the Token Sale (DAICO) event, that will start on Apr 18, 2018, 14:00 UTC.


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