Next Stop — NFT Marketplace!

The Аbyss Team
Aug 11, 2020 · 3 min read

The Abyss team is excited to announce that we started working on our next development step — a marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens! We believe that this is a huge milestone not only in development of The Abyss, but also in all crypto space. Now we will tell you what prompted us to this idea and how the marketplace will be implemented.

The marketplace idea in general appeared simultaneously with the first crypto games, when developers understood that players need a special place to trade and exchange their in-game items. Since then, the market of marketplaces slowly grows and develops.

Today, all marketplaces are using different blockchains (one, as a rule) which makes their usage quite difficult if a person plays several crypto games. It would be more convenient for players if there was a marketplace for various blockchains with one currency as a medium one. Also, taking our experience in the platform design, it should be taken into account that simplicity and usability of the interface are important for users. Therefore, we cannot take as a basis the structure of the exchange, which for many people may seem too complicated and overloaded. Moreover, one of our goals is making the process of using the marketplace as easy as possible, creating a friendly experience for all potential users.

To sum up, while researching the current state of the NFT marketplaces space, our team has resulted with three main conclusions, which became the basis of the future marketplace development:

  • Players need a universal marketplace to conveniently trade and exchange items;
  • This marketplace has to look good;
  • This marketplace has to be simple enough to use.

Our solution? The Abyss NFT Marketplace that will take best ideas from the market and gather crypto nft community in one place, creating a unique ecosystem with Abyss Token as a connecting link! Our token will be integrated into the service as carefully as possible in order to maintain the most optimal balance between the marketplace usability and adoption and the interests of token holders.

But we are not planning to stop there — the developed marketplace will be focused not only on crypto players, but also on players who do not use crypto currencies. We are exploring the possibility of trading items from conventional games, as well as payments by non-crypto methods.

And that is not all! Part of the commission will be distributed among referrals with our disruptive 5-level referral system. This will allow users who are actively expanding their referral network to significantly increase their bonus.

Currently, the technical design for the marketplace is being prepared. This is a large and unique task, which includes further research, technical and law nuances being worked out, concept creation, etc. So, it will take some time to be completed. However, we will be sure to inform you of important changes as soon as they happen or when main development steps will be reached. The official release of the Marketplace is set on the second half of Q4 2020.

Well, that’s it for today. Stay tuned to learn more about the development of The Abyss and about new games releases!

The Abyss Team

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