Platform Development: Update 10

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Hi, all! Please find below a regular development status report, this one covering the period from Sep 3 to Sep 16. Within this timeframe, we were focused on introducing various interface improvements of The Abyss platform, and implementing our technical standards and requirements to the new development team members.

The Abyss Team activities for the period Sep 3 — Sep 16, 2018
The number of issues from Sep 3 to Sep 16, 2018

What has been done?

Well, a lot. During the recent sprint we’ve executed a number of tasks introducing a number of interface improvements. In particular:

  • We have revised and improved the entire concept of drop-down menu available by clicking on user’s avatar icon. With animation elements added so far, now it has more accomplished and stylish look.
  • We have also re-invented the internal modal windows mechanism. The new universal mechanism thus has been designed allowing for an easy and fast creation of new modal windows and menus at Profile page (“My friends” block, etc.) and in other sections on the platform.
  • In compliance with laws, we have added the “Cookies alert” window, that pops up immediately after reaching The Abyss portal. This block comprises information on how we use and process the users’ personal data.
  • We have changed the CAPTCHA mechanism entirely. Now it appears each time the user is authorizing via browser. Besides, CAPTCHA has become a mandatory condition when a new user is registering on The Abyss. This is yet another security improvement that we introduce to protect your personal data. And it is also an additional security tool preventing from the creation of fraud/fake accounts.
  • A special customizable metatag module has been introduced allowing to configure separate titles and open graphs for each website page. This mechanism has been implemented for The Abyss motivational (Airdrop) system. We have already customized the open graph at the Airdrop main page, and for the airdrop campaigns in progress.
The Abyss airdrop
  • The Airdrop main page has been accomplished allowing users (that have been invited via referral link) to register and to find out information related to future campaigns that would be launched soon.

Current work and future plans

  • The Abyss team is currently busy working on creating a detailed Transaction History section. When complete, user will get the entire info related to tokens transactions, including: commission amounts, balance changes, withdrawal amounts, all Etherscan links, airdrop and referral rewards, etc. This will contribute to reaching the additional transparency in terms of token flows on the platform. The completion of this task is planned for the next period.
The detailed Transaction History window
  • We have also started designing the universal interface localization mechanism for The Abyss platform that will identify your IP-address and automatically switch to your local language (if available).
  • The third major task we have commenced, is the development of the detailed Referral Section. We consider it extremely important to show your referral network by levels and the way it is expanding in details. Apart from informative function, this is also an interactive gamification element allowing to track the referrals and referral income in real time.
The detailed Referral Network section

Well, that’s it for today. The Abyss Team will keep you up to date with the development progress twice per month. The next report is scheduled for October 1, 2018.

And stay tuned! We have much to show you!


The Abyss Team