Platform Development: Update 13

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The Аbyss Team
Oct 29, 2018 · 4 min read

Hi, all! Please find below a regular development status report, this one covering the period from Oct 15 to Oct 28. Within this timeframe, we were focused on finalizing the Desktop Сlient and Game API, completing the unified system of authorization and working on the concept of a brand new full-screen dark-colored design of The Abyss platform.

Desktop Client

The current version of The Abyss desktop client is 99% complete and undergoing the final tests before release, scheduled for Oct 31.

In this version of a Desktop client:

  • Self auto-update function based on current version of Build Distribution System;
  • The unified code database for further Mac/Nix client versions development;
  • The unique user-agent, allowing to identify users in desktop client version;
  • Microsoft Windows 7/Windows 10 support available.

In preparation of another major Desktop client version, we’ve completed a number of tasks:

  • The basic version of Build Distribution System for High-speed content delivery;
  • Build Storage API with advanced management functions;
  • Single library for upload/download/check and install any application on PC (which is used in our Desktop Client and Developers Utility).

In the near future, we’re planning to introduce Developers Utility with a user-friendly and easy-to-use graphic interface allowing to renew, pack/unpack, upload/download the builds and patches in a few clicks.

Game API for Project Integration

As intended, we have successfully completed the development of platform’s Game API basic functions. These include the authorization (server-to-server, StS) function, authenticating the ownership rights for game launch, and in-game purchases functions. The required Game API documentation for partners is also ready.

The server-to-server function allows to check token validity in the trusted tunnel between the platform and the developer, while the recently added purchase option provides gamers with an opportunity to buy any available in-game content or items.

Basic functions also include the following methods:

  • Get Player Profile — allows to get an access to user’s nickname and other available account info directly from the game;
  • Game Session Start/Stop — allows to track the time a gamer has spent in this or that game on the platform.

Game API has become an important intermediate stage preceding the introduction of software development kit (SDK). It is Game API that will provide the basis for a huge Developers Library, which is already under development.

Tokens Circulation System

Within the next few months, The Abyss will represent a complete ecosystem in terms of blockchain integration.

The first stage of automatic Tokens Circulation System (TCS) implementation involved changes to the deposit scheme: the system now calculates token amounts automatically, so it is easy to deposit a certain amount in ABYSS equivalent to a certain amount in USD (at the current exchange rate).

The development of this phase has been completed during the recent sprint, and is undergoing a final round of test at the moment. The release is scheduled for the end of October.

Unified System of Authorization

We’ve also completed our Unified System of Authorization development. This system will become a one-stop centre for user’s account management. It allows for an immediate response to any suspicious activity and enhances the security of user accounts.

This system is capable of bearing high-loads, and can be easily scaled to withstand the growth in the number of users over time.

Adaptive Dark Color Design

Our efforts to rebuild the design of The Abyss platform MVP still go on, and choosing the most attractive color is extremely important herein.

On hearing your thoughts and suggestions, it was decided to abandon the bright Pre-alfa version design in favour of a more common dark color look. By now, we have accomplished the Game page design and will scale the dark color theme to all other pages.

Well, that’s it for today. The Abyss Team will keep you up to date with the development progress twice per month. The next report is scheduled for November 12, 2018.

And stay tuned! We have much to show you!


The Abyss Team

The Abyss Platform

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