Platform Development: Update 14

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Hi, all! Please find below a regular development status report, this one covering the period from Oct 29 to Nov 12. Within this timeframe, we were focused on SDK development process, the system optimization, creating The Abyss platform Game page visual dark-colored prototype and increasing the system’s reliability by addressing a number of technical debts.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

As part of SDK development task, we’ve started creating a library for recently developed Game API methods, which also included compiling the library’s detailed description and thinking up the examples.

Prior to starting this work, an in-depth analysis has been carried out. We’ve studied the best practices (various SDKs implemented by other platforms) available on the market and interviewed high-end industry professionals to find the best solution.

Upon the results of the research, it was decided that, technically, a major part of our SDK structure (titles and methods) will represent the best market practice allowing for a smooth integration.

Our key goal in this respect is making the process of games integration less time consuming and more efficient so that developers could have more time for creation & development.

The scheme showing an interaction between the Client, the game and Game API through SDK

License management system (LMS)

This system allows to control licensed game launches from various devices. If a gamer was licensed with one-device access he/she won’t be able to launch the client on several PCs simultaneously.

The license management system will be developed in 3 subsequent stages, with the first stage (analysis and design) already in progress. The second stage implies basic functions implementation, while the third stage will represent a full-scale LMS implementation with code optimization.

Tokens Circulation System (TCS)

The automatic Tokens Circulation System (TCS) deposit-with-pack has been successfully released.

TCS functionality has been extended allowing The Abyss support team to promptly address the most popular mistakes that users commit while depositing tokens. We’ve analyzed a number of cases, and have introduced a special interface for support team allowing to solve top-3 most expected cases.

Among other additions to this version of TCS is the Lost Transaction Management System (LTMS) which is a helpful tool for tracking all transactions made on The Abyss platform.

The second stage of token deposit process

System optimization

Day by day, our system is becoming even more complex. To reduce time & resources consumption, we’re carrying out a series of integration tests. By now, the system is 20% covered by tests (the industry’s average indicator is 70%, the level we’re planning to reach in Q2 2019).

Addressing technical debts

As a way of increasing the system’s reliability, we’re also addressing technical debts, which is a normal and integral part of high-loaded systems development process. Addressing tech debts is crucial for MVP release since the system loads are increasing.

Adaptive Dark Color Design

Finally, the following steps were made in the context of this task:

  • We have completed and approved The Abyss platform Main Page dark color design;
  • The work on Game Page has moved to the second stage. We’ve developed the Game Page visual prototype adding animation, navigation and other elements. The next step will imply breakdown by components and back-end integration.
Andrey Shulzhenko (Head of Design Department) and Stepan Leschenko (Art-Director) in VP office working out the Adaptive Dark Color Design

Well, that’s it for today. The Abyss Team will keep you up to date with the development progress twice per month. The next report is scheduled for November 26, 2018.

And stay tuned! We have much to show you!


The Abyss Team